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AIEL Wise One NSW - Tamare - No CC Needed


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Full name: Tamare Dinae

Age: 67

Clan: Dragonmount

Role: Wise One


Current Weapon Score: 0

One Power Score: Strength 30 (8 Spirit, 8 Water, 8 Air, 2 Fire, 2 Earth) Skill 38 - Potency 68



Physical appearance: 6’3 feet, 165 pounds, blue eyes, golden yellow hair, flowing straight down and held in place with a scarf.

Physical weakness & strength: Tamare has a fondness of sweets and needs to keep that tightly under control to avoid growing too big. She has a very keen eyesight and the ability to instantly see physical oddities in whatever she looks at.


Personality: Tamare is kind hearted and has a ready smile for anyone. She feels other people’s suffering as her own and has a huge sense of reponsibility to her people. In truth, she sees them all as her children and that shows in her interactions at times. Because of her easy going nature, many dismiss her at first, though they soon learn the foolishness of this quite quickly. For even a mother needs to be firm with her children at times, in order to protect them from greater harm. Especially if that harm comes at their own hands. Tamare is not one to accept foolishness in any of those under her care, and that mean any Aiel in existence, since they are all in her care as far as she’s concerned. Kind whenever possible, firm whenever needed and strict whenever pushed. But always fair. This combination has earned Tamare much Ji over the years and the Wise Ones treat her with much respect.


Personality weakness: Tamare is a bit blind to the sins of her people. Choosing to see their strengths, rather than their weakness, she constantly struggles to face the darker side of the Aiel. She’s convinced their way of life is the right way and looks upon any other culture with distrust and not a little condescention.


Personality strength: She is very protective of her people, straight down to the point of self sacrifice. Her entire life is in the service of her people and she will do whatever it takes to see them survive and thrive. Recent events have shattered her world, but she is determined to face them and safely guide her people through the storms that are coming. While she doesn’t consider the wetlander’s ways to be of any worth, she is forced to examin herself and her people more closely. It is a painful process, but one she won’t avoid for it may mean the difference between life or death for her people.




Tamare was the daughter of a Blacksmith father and a jewel maker mother. Her two brothers both became warriors and Tamare very much looked up to them. When she was seven years old, both her brothers were taken gai’shain by a rival clan. After their year and a day was over, Tamare awaited their return eagerly. Months went by but her brothers didn’t show up. Her parents went to the Wise Ones to ask if they could find out what had happened to their sons. Several days later, a Wise One came to their roof and informed them that she had spoken to the Wise Ones of the rival clan in the Dream. The two boys had been sent home after their service was done and that was the last anyone had heard or seen of them. They must have woken from the dream, the Wise One said and offered the family as much comfort as she could, taking care not to shame them. Tamare felt a darkness coming over her heart and she spent the next three months in silent brooding. Nothing seemed right anymore. Food didn’t taste as good, water didn’t lift her spirits as it used to and the sheep her family kept to feed themselves couldn’t make her smile anymore. Her mother became more and more worried about her daughter and took her to the Wise Ones, where she was to stay for a while. There, little by little, the women helped the girl get over her pain and sorrow. They gave her back her smile and indulged her in sweets. There she learned to accept death as a natural part of life and nothing to be afraid about. That it was ok to feel sad for those that woke from the dream, but not to let that stop you from continuing with your own dream. That the best way to honor them would be to follow Ji’e’Toh and become the best that you could be, in whatever choice you made. Little by little, Tamare found her joy again. Where before she felt guilty if she laughed, she now knew that her laughter didn’t dishonor her brothers. Quite the contrary. It was like laughing at death itself and letting it know that nothing, not even Death, could kill the Aiel spirit. When she returned home, her mother and father celebrated with her the memory of their sons and then put the matter to rest.


But the experience would always remain in the front of Tamare’s mind. How powerful were those Wise Ones, that they could heal such wounds. Bring life back to where it was lost, for she had felt lifeless in that time. How strong did they seem, that they would speak with rival clans and gain help despite mutual dislike. She set to observing the Wise Ones and over time became to realise that those women cared for the Aiel as a mother cared for her children. They cared for all Aiel, regardless of clan or society. She got up from her spot in front of her roof and went to the Wise One she had observed dealing with one of the gai’shain. The man in white bowed low and as he turned, Tamare had seen gratitude on his face. That sealed it for her. Her decision was made. She would serve her people as a Wise One, if they would have her.


As she approached the Wise One, the woman turned and looked at Tamare quite intensely. Tamare almost lost her nerve, but stepped forward anyway. When she asked the Wise One if she could be accepted as an apprentice, the woman smiled and nodded. She took Tamare in to her tent, where Tamare learned, to her utter shock, that she had the ability to channele the One Power and therefore becoming a Wise One was the only option for her.


Her parents were beside themselves with joy when the Wise One accompanied Tamare to tell them the news. This was the life they had hoped their daugher would choose. It was a decision Tamare would never regret.

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