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Daes Dae'mar - September 2011 Newsletter

Tynaal Consen

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Welcome to the WT's monthly newsletter!!


Not as busy a month this past month as July was, but hey! We have to party hard and then recover :wink:


To suggest someone for the Member Spotlight, just PM me with their name!


PS. Let us know if you want to contribute to our Newsletter, either as a writer, information gatherer or just as someone to keep the rest of me entertained! >.> Well PM me if you're interested and I'll get you hooked up. We have all sorts of wonderful things :wink:

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We were invaded by the Aiel!!! Lucky that we're not a people to be easily raided :wink:


The Red Ajah took us all back to school and all those marvellous memories!


Ever think about the supernatural? Well, then I suggest you check out teh WHite Ajah's Ghosthunting 101.


Our Sword Captain decided to be a RL Warder. Tai'shar Warders, Fnorrll!


Nature decided it doesn't like the world much, so it sent hurricane Irene. Our members all stayed safe though *hugs*





15th 2010 - Souv'ra bond - Amadine (Red Ajah) to Adella (MoN)

15th 2010 - Souv'ra bond - Amadine (Red Ajah) to ed2funy (Warder path)

29th 2008 - Warder path - Ellianora (Blue Ajah) to Samuraiflip05 (Warder path)

n/a 2006 - Warder path - Ms Danya(Blue Ajah) to JurGrady (Warder path)





The marvellous Red Head, was the second recipient of the Moiraine Award. Go Mystica!


We have had two Initiate Raisings and one to Accepted!

Congrats to Ineedfourberfs for becoming an Algai, Genevieve al'Thor for becoming a Novice and Mae Sedai for gaining the Ring.


Mae decided to join them Grays! Congrats to the Gray Ajah and Mae


Our darling Sword Captain decided to bond a Red! So, congrats Fnorrll and Tynaal :biggrin:





Join the Brown Ajah for their annual Event - Banned Books Week running from the 24th September to 1st October and you can have a blast discussing The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.





WTA Applications are still open!


Reckon now that you're a SM, you have nothing to do? Well you think wrong! Have a look here and see if anything catches your fancy.

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