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Rand/Lews Therin's memory vs history


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I want to talk about what Lews Therin remembers from his life- the events, the technology, the people... Anything! Which would be different OR the same as what the general population, in Rand's time, know about how he went mad and what that time was like. What are the similarities and differences? If possible, could you include any evidence you can find or remember? Even the book it came from would be very helpful.

I am currently working on an assessment task under the topic of 'History and Memory'. I needed a text which talked about these things and how they are often conflicting. I was naturally drawn towards using a text which I enjoy, so the WoT seemed an obvious choice. The only problem I have is its huge scope, from which I need a few key quotes or passages, making people such as yourselves, who are probably much more knowledgeable about the books, very helpful!

Not only is this a task I need to complete, but I find it very interesting, and I hope you do too. I would love to hear your opinions on the matter, so thank you in advance for any replies!



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