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Approved Warders Bio for Tris Grimm--CC'd by Freelanders


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Character’s name Tris Grimm

Age (must be 16 - 21): 17

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Andor

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Gray

Height: 6’1

Weight: 150 pounds

Brief History: Tris Grimm was the youngest son of an Andor sword smith. He had just turned 17 last

week. He has gray eyes and black hair. He is around 6 foot and 130 pounds. To wiry to aid his father

at the smithy he trained his lean muscles with the swords his father made. He isn’t experienced but he

can still handle his way in a fight. A rough life of constant bullying from the rural Andoran town boys

has been hard on young Tris. He developed his own hand to hand fighting style from pure necessity of

being constantly beat up. Running low on orders from the local merchant guards that passed through

someday Tris’s father began to deal swords on the side to the Children of the Light. One day when an

undercover contingency of White cloaks came to pick up an order Tris’s older brother decided that he

really wished to join the white cloaks so he gathered his things and began to say his goodbyes that very

night. His father was so upset with this that he tried to stop his son from going and they broke out

into a fight. During the fight they knocked over a table with a few candle sticks on this when they fell

the rolled on the ground and set fire to the well-aged wood floors. Upon seeing this, the Grimm family

immediately left the house with their entire lively hood to burn inside. It was at this point that Tris’s

family headed to the great capital of Andor where he had an aunt who owned an inn. On the road Tris’s

father took sick and passed away because of the fever. So he and his mom where the only to left when

the reached the inn. Once at the inn Tris decided it was time for him to move on from his family so he

went to the White Tower and signed up with the Warders as a new recruit.

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Hey there SW2!


I like the bones of this story, but I do have a few questions before I feel like I can CC it.


1. I see that you state he has some fighting skills already - this is nice for the background of the character, but Warders start off with a really low weapon score and have to work their way up. Unless it's a special case. Are you okay with him starting out low?


2. Does he have a reason for running off to the WT other than deciding he should move on from his family? What made him think of the WT?


(Being a woman, I also think about what that did to his mom and how he left her, but that's not necessary for the bio to be CC'd :wink:)

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For your first question yes I'm okay starting out low that is how it should be. The only reason I included some fighting skills was to set the tone for why he wants to join the white tower.


Secondly he decided to go to the WT because A. his brother becoming a whitecloak destroyed his family so the WT is like a becon to him for what he can hope to acheive as opposed to the cruel and unrightfull prejudices the whitecloaks show. Also the whitetower is home to the greatest fighting men on the planet the Warders and he just felt his skills and personality lied more in that direction.


Also he did have permision from his mom and he felt that joining the WT and the Warders was the only real way to make a difference and attone for his brothers mistakes.


Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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