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Returning BT Bio - Koras Sendero - No CC

Arath Faringal

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Character Name: Koras Sendero

Nationality: Cairhien

Age: 31

Physical Characteristic: Eyes are icy-blue, hair is dark brown, and skin is Carihien pale. Height is

medium 6’1 (or 185 cm) slim built with just a bit of muscles. Usually wears a short beard all over

the face. Hair is usually trimmed.


Physical Description: Koras has very distinct blue eyes, like blue within blue, bright icet. He has a

look of a gangster, so people usually keep their distance. Although not very big, he’s high and

well built – athletic. He wears a short 3-days beard. He tends to spit at times, and likes to smoke

a pipe with brandy, so his front teeth are usually brown (unless washed with salt water).


Personal History:


Childhood and First BT period


Lord Koras Sendero was born 31 years ago to the minor Lord Daven Sendero and the Lady Elza

Sendero, in Cairhien the capitol. Since birth he was considered a troublemaker. He would beat

other children including his baby brother Eron, even in kindergarten age, and was punished by

his caregivers on a daily basis. Koras never had trouble in getting what he wanted, since he had

the money and the influence – women, feasts and sleeping were his three favorite doings. But all

this bored him. He got sick of the noble routine and at the age of 21 he joined the Black Tower

(OOC: I am not sure that we exist for 10 years so correct me – anyways I joined the BT when

Mazrim Taim – that was a character name - was M’hael and Dalinar was an Asha’man and it was

10 years ago – so worst case we correct Koras` age).


Koras was not sure he could channel, but he wanted to be around men who could. His mentor

was the legendary Asha’man Michael (OOC: Nighteyes was his wolfkin name). He reached

Dedicated fast, and started to hang out with another troublemaker Zbynek. Zbynek the only dark

skinned Asha’Man back then. Together they had many adventures including a visit in Tar Valon.

He was raised to Asha’man soon, and skilled his One Power made spear, with an icy edge at the

top. He was mediocre with sword but he would kick rear with his spear. Koras always enjoyed

training newcomers. His trainings were harsh, and he invented the famous laps around the Black


Tower – Koras-laps. He gave the trainees a hard time but most of them loved him in the end of it.

He mentored over twenty newcomers.


Koras has lead the BT forces, on attacks in the great battle against the Seanchan (I am not sure

if this RP is collected in our History now so I can delete it), and rose to an Attack Leader after

the battle. Reaching the Storm Leader under Dalinar’s rule was just a matter of time. The other

Storm Leaders – including SL Kagato, the eldest of all said that the world would not survive Koras

becoming M’hael, if anything happens to all the SLs and the current M’hael. One day he left on

a recon mission trying to look for his friend Zbynek (Z). Z, his best friend, disappeared a month

before that, he went to kill the Aes Sedai, or so he said, but he just disappeared. Koras assumed

he died trying, although deep down, he had the feeling that one day he would find Zbynek, drunk

somewhere in some ally, perhaps even in his old town of Cairhien.


Leaving the BT for a quiet life


Koras decided that leading the storm would eventually get him killed, before time. He decided

to start a family and perhaps have children (So it wasn’t really a recon mission), before the

madness will take over. He did not have signs of madness - yet, but then again, he was mad by

his nature, even before channeling. He tried not to touch Saidin after leaving the BT. He naturally

arrived to Arad Doman. He liked what he heard about the women there, and it was a rather

anarchic and distant place near the Aryth Ocean. He had just enough supplies to reach Doman.

There he came to a nice quiet village just near the Ocean, where small vineyards were kept.

He offered to work for nothing other than a roof over his head and some food. The family that

took him in placed him in their barn. They were a family of four – the father – Toar, the mother –

Irgon and two girls Elza (like Koras` mom) – fat as a cow and Murka who was the prettiest of the

village’s women. Koras decided he would marry her, but she wasn’t very cooperative, being only

seventeen. He did not want to upset the parents, so he took a distance from her, and watched

her grow, as he worked in the vineyards side-by-side with her. But then trouble started. It was

summer of that year when Koras left the BT, and some important Domani Lord was visiting his

parents who lived in the village. He fell in love with Murka as well. The Domani women did not like

to hide most of their bodies, so as soon as the nobleman saw her body, through the subtle but yet

revealing dresses, he knew it was love or something like that.


One night as Koras was almost asleep he heard voices. “Thank you so much for escorting me

from the party m’Lord”. “Oh Murka! You’re so welcome. Let us now go to the barn, and you will

show me your lovely errr.. red horse”. “Oh sir, but our horse is a skinny half-dead one… surely

you would rather go home now”. Koras heard voices of struggle, and the barn door cracked open.

The Lord shoved Murka to the ground and started attacking her, trying to rip her clothes off.

Koras was half asleep on a small second floor porch, just above the horse. He channeled. “Damn

you for trying to take everything by force. What is with noblemen these days?” he said as he

jumped between Murka and the Lord. “Who in the name of …” he started to say, but that was

the end of him. Koras weaved Air, creating a sharp and slicing custom wind. The head was alive

for three more seconds, to watch the headless body collapse next to Koras and the shocked

Murka. “Fast, we need to get rid of any evidence of this” Koras said. Maybe cutting the head off

wasn’t so great due to the amount of blood it produced. Koras channeled, weaving Water and Air.

He lifted the blood, cleaning the area on the ground, then weaved Earth, to open the ground a bit

and shoved everything, including the body, blood and head inside. Then he closed the ground

as hermetically as he could. “There…” he said. Murka did not speak of this to anyone, and after

three months, they were married. Murka’s father gave his consent, seeing how much Murka loved


Koras since the nobleman incident. He was her savior. Koras on the other hand, liked the way

Murka looked. He was not in love with her, but she was a good candidate to have children with.


And so two years after Koras` departure from the BT, he was a proud father of two – a boy and a

newborn girl who was born the previous winter. Toar, Murka’s dad built them a nice home, next to

his own. They lived there, and knew no trouble or need, except financial need. But they say that

where there’s family warmth, financial trouble was no burden.


The summer of the second year brought what Koras thought was madness. He loved his wife and

children, but he knew that one day he would have to leave. He wouldn’t have them killed because

of his madness. He started having nightmares. He saw men he killed in the past, screaming

at him, their blood covering him and his family up. His children swimming in blood, while they

themselves were dying, and screaming, blood pouring out of their mouths. Koras decided he had

to leave, but where to? And how would he tell it to Murka and the children? He left his legacy to

this world, two great kids, whom he loved. A wife who would remember him, and be perhaps a

bit mad at him, but then she’ll understand. He will explain everything to her – the madness that

is the burden of Saidin channelers. She knew he was a Male Channeler, and even in Doman

they knew the stories, about the mad men going on a killing spree after drinking too much of the

taint. But where would he go? He wanted to be able to visit his children often. He postponed

the decision, and waited to see if the madness would evolve. It was no madness, just a post-

traumatic syndrome, but Koras did not know that. Men who could channel Saidin were paranoid

about becoming mad – and that was what happened to Kor.


One day, sitting in the village’s inn, a group of three men walked in. Koras knew right away that

it was a recruitment mission for the tower. Two of the men he did not know – new pricks in the

Black Tower. Nice to know that they’re still recruiting. He grinned and looked down, for him not to

be seen. The third man who came a bit later, after paying the innkeeper was his ex-mentee

Eldor. “Blood and ashes” he thought “this one would recognize me even if Eldor himself wouldn’t

want to do so. All the Koras-laps he did years ago – he wouldn’t forget in a hundred years from

now. “Hello good man” Eldor turned to the innkeeper “we need some ale to our table, make it six

pints” he smiled and the men sat down. Koras turned his back towards them, and pretended that

he was taking a nap. He waited for the men to fold and leave to their rooms. They will probably

continue to a large city tomorrow, leaving the village and Koras… and his madness would stay

here, far from the tower. He pondered whether he should join them… what would he say though?

Where did he go? Did he desert the Black Tower? That would be quick death… Trial by Dalinar

probably, then off goes his head.


Only one of the three left, was a newbie. He was tired and Murka probably waited for him. She

never went to sleep when he was not home… worrying sick for him not to get in trouble.


He got up, and started to exit the room. A hand caught him. He channeled creating a small tip

of ice to cover his finger, and went for the man’s eye. “Koras… don’t” he said. “How in the Dark

One’s name you know my name?” Koras asked. “You… don’t recognize me… I‘ve lost some

weight, and changed, grew up a bit, but… “, then the man got up. “Attacking a Dedicated is wrong

Asha’man” he said “It might be considered treason” he got closer, looking at Koras straight in

the eye. “Eron?” Koras smiled. “It runs in the family huh?” Koras hugged his brother. So now his

brother was also in the tower… that made sense to Koras. He wasn’t called an Asha’man… for a

long time. “You will have to tell me all about how you came to the tower, let us go to my house; I

live nearby, and tell me about it there. My wife would love to meet you….” He said and was sorry

for inviting Eron. He did not know what interests he served. Eron shook his head. “I am taking

you home brother… The tower needs you. Don’t worry I won’t tell. We can say you ended up

here… for whatever reasons you’ve had to leave. You are a legend in the tower. It took me only

six months to become Dedicated, because I am Kor’s brother.” The madness was approaching

Koras, and now an opportunity came to return, to reunite with his brother. When he was younger

he couldn’t stand being around his brother. Eron was so neat and well behaved. Koras thought

he was boring and snobbish. And now Eron grew up to become a nice looking, strong man. He

was 28 by now. “How’re mother and father?” Koras has asked. “I will update you on the way

back.” Eron was sure Koras was coming back. He considered running away. But he stayed



“Why in the name of the Dragon, you think I would come back to this mad hole you call the Black

Tower?” Koras asked. But he knew he would. He missed the missions. He missed channeling on

a daily basis, he missed the action. He wanted to train men. Teach them about the strengths and

weaknesses of Saidin, turn boys into men. You should have never left, said a voice in his head.


“The times have changed Kor. We are in a much worse situation than when it was in your time.

The recruitment is escalating, men died in battles and we lost some to the madness but the tower

has grown into a small city now. Join us. Return to the farm, we need good men. Tarmon Gai’don

is coming closer. No one has to know anything” Eron said. His brother was persuasive. Or did

Koras want to be persuaded? Eron continued telling Koras the news for about an hour more.

Koras nodded at the end of Eron’s speech. He was proud of his brother. Becoming this man, that

Koras wasn’t sure he himself was.


“I will need to pack. Tell Eldor that I came into the inn after he left, we will tell him that I lived here

tracking a friend of the shadow. We will tell him that this Darkfriend killed Asha’Man Zbynek. Tell

him I have recently killed the Darkfriend. Tell him I went home to pack, but be quiet about my

wife… I am a father now you know. Shai’tan knows what can happen to them if the tower finds

out about it”.


Eron was shocked. Perhaps at the fact that Koras was a family man now. Or perhaps it was

because Asha’man did not marry women. Eron nodded. “Come here by dawn, we’re leaving then”

Eron said and climbed up the stairs to his room.


Koras returned home. Murka was not asleep. She was worried, and got even more worried when

she saw the look on his face. “I’ve met my brother at the inn. The Black Tower needs me now.

The wheel weaves… you know. I told you everything before. The madness is near” he took a sip

of his favorite brandy that waited for him by the fire. “I love you dear, you know that” he said. He

updated her on things that he discussed with his brother. Her eyes went wide. “I knew you would

leave one day dear” she said. No tears. The Domani women were strong. “Tell Tomas and Rasha

about their father when they will grow up. They’re too young to understand. Who knows maybe I

will not get mad, and old, and return? Right now, I have to leave for their safety. Tell your parents

I went off to find a place to work somewhere in Doman. To make an extra dime, and return in a

year”. It was common in Arad Doman, for villagers to go look for work in the bigger cities. “They

will not believe us, it is too sudden” Murka said. “Well think of something dear”. He told her the

location of the tower. Although he believed that the less you know, the less are your chances of

getting killed. But he wanted her to know just in case. “You can’t come along dear. It is too risky.

I agree with my brother, the Tarmon Gai’don is near. I can feel it in my bones. And after we win,

I will come back I promise. You know that if anyone survives it would be me”. They said their

goodbyes and Koras left at first light, after kissing his sleeping children goodbye. Eldor grinned as

he saw Koras. “Eron here told us your story. Great job dumb-nut! One Darkfriend less in Doman,


but a thousand more in Andor, that we need to kill. Where the heck have you been?” he hugged

Koras. Koras smiled. “I see that my mentee is doing great. Leading recruitment missions was

never easy; they’ve always chosen the best for this job”. And then they rode. And rode some

more. They visited two more cities in Doman, and recruited three more newbies. The Black Tower

awaited him in silence. Koras took a deep breath and tried to get ready to meet his destiny.

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