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Approved Warders Bio for Tomas Maegar--Please CC


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DM Handle: Terron Merdoneth


Name: Tomas Maegar


Age: 16


Born/raised: Shienar, Fal Moran


Hair Colour: Brown


Eye Colour: Blue


Height: about 185 cm


Weight: about 70 kg


Primary Weapon: two handed longsword


Secondary Weapon: Longbow




Character Description:


Very, very stubborn, unless he can see a very good reason for doing

something. He doesn’t like to leave any job unfinished. As to physical,

he’s strong, light on his feet, tall, and very, and very grim when

focused on anything at all. However, when he lets his emotions show,

he’s generally very mischievous, and loves playing nasty jokes on

people, provided he’s absolutely sure no permanent harm will be done.

There’s a brand on his right hand in the shape of a hawk where he left

his ring near the fire once and picked it up when it was really hot.

He’s ambidextrous.






Born in Shienar. Parents died when their house collapsed when he was 2

years old, and he was left with his name, and a black cloak with a

clasp in the shape of a hawk. These objects became effectively his

“comfort itemsâ€, he never likes to lose possession of them, and will

give almost anything to keep them. Although he realizes that there is

nothing left for him in Shienar, or anywhere for that matter, he likes

to keep these two items. They are, to him, effectively part of his

soul. Raised in an orphanage, at the age of ten he was unofficially

apprenticed to a blacksmith. He spent all the day in the forge. The

other half, he spent by keeping himself in peak physical condition,

playing games with those few friends he had. As a result of his

dedicated ness to his trade, and his constant hard work, he was often

bullied by others at the orphanage. When he was about thirteen years

old, one of these bullies stole the cloak clasp, and broke it using

Tomas’s hammer that he used at the forge. Tomas subsequently, with the

help of the smith, repaired the clasp, sealing it more firmly as part

of it. As a result of the experience he gained an almost single-minded

nature to any challenge, and a stubborn will never to give up. Toward

the middle of his thirteenth year, he found that he felt a need to

leave Fal Moran, and go somewhere, do something with his life. When the

smith he was apprenticed to heard this, he began crafting a ring, made

of black iron, with a golden hawk engraved on it. When Tomas left Fal

Moran, at the age of 14, the smith gave him the ring, and his hammer,

that he had been using in the forge while he was the smiths’

apprentice. He left Fal Moran with his cloak, the repaired clasp, the

hammer, and his ring, which he wears on the middle finger of his right

hand. He hitched rides, generally going south, and while in Andor

decided that to give his life meaning and purpose, he would become a

warder. He certainly needed something to fill the void where his

parens, and the smith,once were... And so, he finds himself standing

outside the White Tower, waiting for something to happen.

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