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AGT: Ideas Part 4


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OK, this is where a lot of hack writers really screw up, so please take your time with it! Hopefully, you've got a good beginning sketch of your characters and your filmstrip boxes are sketched out, too. Please note I said SKETCHED, because you'll probably find as you write that things need to be added or subtracted in order to make sense. I keep all of my little note sheets handy so I can easily switch between them and edit in the things I need to spell out for them to make sense.


So, there are a few different ways to do this. My 5th graders believe that I have tortured them in the planning stages enough and start drafting based on their film strips (they use the details I've forced out of them on their filmstrips and run with it). This is PERFECTLY OK as long as you've fleshed your characters out well enough (that's where my 5th graders start going awry with their stories). OF course, you can't explain God-modding to an 11 year old, so I guess that makes since. If RJ had written The Eye of the World at the age of 11, Rand would've been Lan with a blade the second he picked it up back in the Two Rivers!


What I suggest they do, is use the characters they've created to work on filling in the gaps in their filmstrips. Make sure some details about the characters are making their way into the story. In order to be believable, these characters have to be someone you can relate to, not just stick figures thrown in as place fillers. They're not robots, after all! So, go back to your film strips and start adding names in place of "main character" and "the bad guy." Try to start imagining the character you've created and how they would handle the situation you've thrown into the plot. What would it take for the character to end up where you want them to end up?


If it helps, think of that last section of The Eye of the World, when we see Rand stop relying on the blade in his hand (that he's only marginally acceptable at) and starts throwing the OP around, instead. GONE is the sheep herder, right? What sacrifices did he have to make, what deals did he have to come to with his subconscious in order for those weaves to work? He had to not only acknowledge the voices in his head, but he also had to listen to them and allow them to guide the events that came next. What was the cost to Rand for allowing that to happen?


Now, think about your characters and start PLANNING the sacrifices they're going to have to make in order for your plot to be believable.


I'll get my characters updated so you can see where I'm going with this and get them posted this weekend.


And as always, if you need some help, find yourself stuck or you're afraid you can't stop the "god modding" mentality that your main character is perfect and won't have to make sacrifices, all you have to do is ask! :D I'll help you find their flaws and exploit them! ;)

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