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Approved White Tower bio for Sora Mantolias--CC'd by Freelanders


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Basic Information

Your Handle : Otpelk Cainam

Full names of WT characters you already own and their status (active/retired/dead): Cainam(waiting on bio approval from BT)



Character Information

Name (first and last) of this character: Sora Mantolias

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age of this character * 14Name of country where this character is from: Arad Doman



Hair: Platinum Blonde hair very long past the waste.Eyes: light blue

Skin: Fair

Height: 4’6” She has a very petite frame from being a premature child.

Voice: Has a very soft shy sounding voice.

Optional: Special Skills: She was taught Tactics and strategy by her uncle. They used to play stones nightly so she has picked up a lot of those skills. She has a very tactical mind. Since she has been so sheltered she has tried to make up for it with her mind. She is very books smart and knows many things that she has learned from books. She is an accomplished horse rider and was learning how to trade/breed horses from her uncle.

Knowledge Weakness: although she is very book smart she is lacking when it comes to street smarts. Everything she has learned of the world and of different cultures she has learned from books. So it is sometimes fragmented and out of date.

Physical Weakness: Her biggest disadvantage is her size. She is very short and petite.

Personality weakness: She approaches every situation as if it were a battle. She tries to look at every angle, decision and consequence before she will commit. This at times has caused people to think her slow witted and to disregard her because she is shy and doesn’t like to make hasty decisions. She is slow to make friends because she has been so sheltered and she fears of betrayals. Due to her size she is often discounted as a threat because she looks like a child so people often treat her as such. One of her odd quirks is that she loves to smoke tabac. Since she was raised by her uncle and cousins she has a very tomboyish attitude.


Personality: see above. I think it explains most of her personality.




As rare as it is and as odd as it sounds the story of Sora begins when her mother Anilinen Sedai of the Green Ajah who had married her Warder Jaecyn Mantolias. Miraculously a short time after they were wed the pattern gifted her with a pregnancy. Knowing that during her pregnancy she would be vulnerable she Journeyed to Bandar Eban with her husband to see his brother Terol and his brothers wife Diria and their six children Baakyn, Cotes, Isoyl, Colyl, Jekon, and Kocam.She spent her maternity time at his relative’s estates and when she was in her sixth month of pregnancy she decided it was time to return to Tar Valon so her child could be birthed by a close friend of hers from the Yellow.


Two days into her journey from Bandar Ebon she was attacked by a band of Darkfriends. Jaecyn managed to fight them off and both he and Anilinen were grievously wounded. During the attack she went into labor and gave birth to Sora who was in bad shape from being born so early. Anilinen used a Weave which removed fatigue and gave some strength to the infant. It was the best she could do, as a full Healing would kill such a small child. As she looked into the tiny infants eyes she said "With our last breaths we will make sure you live. So I see it only fitting that we name you Sora”. Anilinen told Jaecyn to take Sora back to Bandar Eban and to entrust Sora to his brother and to no one else. With the last bit of energy she could muster she tweaked the Bond to force Jaecyn to follow orders and not look back.. Jaecyn rode hard and never broke stride. He made it back in just short of a day. There he met with his brother who he begged to care for his daughter and to swear that he would make sure she knew who they were and who she was and what had happened to them. Not as soon as his brother had given his oath Jaecyn and Anilinen’s wounds and grief overwhelmed them and they died. So Begins the tale of how Sora came to her circumstances. She was raised by both her aunt and her uncle. Her uncle was a former high ranking Cavalryman. He also so happened to be an accomplished swordsman for he was a blademaster. While on a liberty he met his wife and then decided it was time her settled down and raised a family. After he retired from soldiering he took his money and invested it into a horse training and breeding operation. Her aunt was a from a minor noble house that looked very highly on her uncle and granted him the privileged of courting her. Soon after they were married and they took their money and took a risk to start a horse training and breeding farm. Within five years they were the most sought after trainers and breeders of Razors and many other horse stocks. And they became very wealthy. Until the time she was five her aunt would spoil her. She would dress her in ornate and expensive dresses and parade her around to all the major events and festivals. She took her to traveling shows, and whenever word of a Gleeman or fairly notable entertainer was in the city she was sure to see them. Every night her uncle would sit by the side of her bed, smoke his pipe of tabac and keep his oath and tell her the story of how she ended up with them. She learned to speak clearly and properly before she was two and her aunt was astonished. By the time she was four her aunt had taught her to read and write. Her aunt had noticed early on that even though she was so tiny her mind was strong and sharp. Books that even her 10 year old cousin had trouble reading Sora would breeze through and most of the time actually understand it. Shortly after her fifth naming day her aunt had died of natural causes and she was left alone with her uncle and her six cousins all of which were boys. Her uncle was then the sole person to raise her and her cousins. After her aunt’s death she stopped wearing dresses and going to social engagements. She spent the rest of her time with her uncle on the ranch. So they were all instructed in strategy and tactics, in horse trading/breeding as well as how to ride. Her cousins were instructed in swordplay and mounted combat, but unfortunately do to her premature birth she was too small. Although she used that time to read and learn as much as she could. Every chance she could get she would be riding. Still every night her uncle would come and play a game of stones, sit and smoke his pipe and tell her the story’s of her parents and how she ended up here. Since she was always smaller than other children her age and she was sheltered and raised with just her uncle and cousins other children would pick on her and make fun of her. Her cousins would quickly jump to her defense. So she wouldn’t be a burden to her family she became very shy and soft spoken. She also decided that since she was smaller than most people she would make up for that by outsmarting them. Her uncle would often would visit the libraries and bring her books home that he borrowed or that he bought from the occasional merchants. Many times her uncle would find her in a hayloft reading late and he would have to tell her to come to bed. And so was her life growing up. She grew into a very pretty girl but was out of place because of her size and her lack of girlish training, being raised by her uncle for so long and being around only he and her cousins she was quite abit tomboyish. She never learned the domani art of seduction or any of the things mothers would teach their daughters. At the age of thirteen, when her uncle came to tell her the story and play their nightly game of stones she told him she wanted to travel to the White tower and get tested. She wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mother and become Aes Sedai. She told her uncle that she doesn’t fit in Arad Doman and maybe she could find herself at the White Tower. Her uncle just nodded and said “I knew this day would come and have been expecting it.” He took a long puff from his pipe and then continued. “Tomorrow Sora I will make all the arrangements to get you there and back if the return trip is needed.” She quickly jumped out of her bed and hugged her uncle and smiled with a tear in her eye. She said to her uncle “I will make my parents and you and aunt Diria proud. I will not fail you or my parents.”

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