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WY bio for Sasha Daleb - CC'd by FL (HAAAWW!!!!)


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Character's name: Sasha Daleb

Age (must be 16 - 21): 21

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Tanchico, Tarabon

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115lbs


Brief History:


Born a minor noble Sasha Daleb was born into the life of luxury. She was the youngest daughter of the house Daleb and her only glory would be to marry someone to heighten the status of the family. And their family needed more status after the debaucle of her aunt's house. One daughter run away and the other to kill herself, there was no glory in any of it, but Sasha had seen the love of the sisters, she'd envied it, she'd envied the freedom of leaving Tarabon to find glory else where.


The House Tylin was only in relation by mother's blood. Sasha's mother was sister to the mistress of the Tylin estate. But it was a close bond between them and Sasha spent many of her younger years being watched by one of the twins or the other. Tisha and Liea preferred to be watched by Katie, but Lyv was more fun in Sasha's eyes.


After many months of greiving for the loss of her cousin, Sasha went to visit her other cousin. She knew how that Lyv had run away from home and found something to be proud of in Tar Valon - The White Tower. Sasha knew it was time to see her cousin again. She wanted a purpose in life other than gossiping with the other noble ladies and preening for a man. She would miss her life and when she left, she took very few things with her - a few favorite dresses, her hair accessories that her mother had given her on her tenth birthday, and the portrait of her family. Sasha wasn't sure if she was going to be back and told her family as much. They merely nodded as she left, tradegy in the house was still too fresh.


Sasha found Tar Valon with much trouble, she was nearly robbed several times and that only made her want to learn to defend herself. The Shinning Walls looked fabulous and she hoped she'd find a home here too. It was time to learn if she could cut it as Lyv had.

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