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Approved BT Bio for Flynn Mantlear - CC'D by the WT

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DM Handle: Aemon

Contact Info: acadfael[at]gmail[dot]com

Character Count: My first one


Character Name: Flynn Mantlear

Nationality: Andoran

Age: 19

Physical Characteristics: Green eyes, brown hair, 5’10’’ tall


Physical Description:

From his work as a carpenter’s apprentice, he is lean with a decent amount of muscle, thought nothing out of the ordinary. His demeanor is usually light of heart and casual, able to joke easily and is happy to meet new people. Recently though, with the discovery of his…”gifts” he is much more reserved and brooding than he once was, often quiet and not quite meeting people’s eyes.


Personal History:

Flynn grew up in a small Andoran farming village near Four Kings. His father, the town’s carpenter, was rather well known in the area near their village for the quality of his goods and has been teaching Flynn his craft since he was small. His mother was a typical country wife, taking care of house and children (and her husband, though he would say different). Flynn has one younger brother, Elam, who is eleven summers old. The two are close, and have spent much more time together lately now that Elam has begun learning their father’s craft as well.



Flynn had assumed that he would grow up to be the next village carpenter, and that the most interesting thing in his life would be an occasional trip to Caemlyn to sell some of his finer wares and browse the markets there. Fate did not quite have that in store for him, however. While working in the shop one day, only a week ago now, his brother had stumbled while carrying a large handful of wooden boards to put away. While doing so, he knocked a lantern off the table, shattering it and throwing the oil about the shop. Needless to say there was plenty to catch fire in the home of a carpenter, and the blaze was quickly out of control.




Flynn dashed from the burning shop, seeking aid and assuming his brother was right behind him. Once he began to look around, however, he realized Elam was nowhere in sight. With a curse, Flynn threw himself back into the building seeking his brother. It is still hard for him to remember exactly what happened in the next few minutes, but the villagers watching told him that at almost the same moment Flynn had returned to the building, the flames had gone out…..all at once. On top of that, he has carried his brother out a few moments later, with not a scratch on the boy. Flynn found that part the most interesting…and terrifying. The one thing he could remember is that there had been a good many burning boards trapping the boy to the floor.



At first the villagers were overjoyed, none more so than Flynn and his family. However, even though the villagers had started to claim that the event had been a miracle, there were a few who whispered darker ideas, that perhaps Flynn had done something of his own to save his brother.

It was not until a week later that the man in the dark coat came to Flynn’s house to speak with him and his father. He had a strange pin attached to his collar and had heard rumors regarding the incident with the lamp at the village inn. A short discussion and a short test later, he and his family were in tears…..he could channel. He was one of the accursed men doomed to die and go insane. He wasn’t sure what was worse, his certain fate, or the fact that his family couldn’t decide between tears and pity for him, or revulsion. He could tell, they were stricken all right, crying and arguing that this just couldn’t be, but never once could they really look at him, really hold his eye.



He was given an offer by the black-coated man, and he took it. He would go to this “farm” of theirs. He wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to learn more about this thing, this curse, but at least he would be far away from his family, far enough not to hurt them….he hoped.

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