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Black Ajah Head NSW Bio - CC'd by Freelanders


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Name: Alia Mariadoon


Age: 128


Origin: Arafel


Ajah: Blue


Physical Description: Alia has pale skin and deep brown eyes. Her long dark brown hair falls below her waist and is accented with the traditional Arafellian silver bells. Her high sculpted cheek bones and thin lips give her a haughty stare, though she is well regarded in the Tower. She is not tall, and not short, her body is near perfect in proportion and her face has often been described as sweet. She falls short of beautiful, and while always impeccably dressed Alia is really quite plain.



To truly know darkness is to know Alia; though many do not see that side of her. She is well respected in the Tower and is often one of the first to step forward for important tasks. She is not among the strongest in the One Power, but her quick wit and calculating brain lends her the ear of her Ajah Head and the Sitters. She is soft spoken, but firm when she believes in her point. She finds killing to be a necessary part of her position, and will not hesitate if needed; but does not take delight in torture like many before her.



Sent to the Tower at the age of 15 she was proud to carry on her family’s long tradition of service. Her mother’s sister was Aes Sedai and greatly encouraged a young Alia to accept the testing. Only a few months after first making that tiny bit of amber stone sparkle she was settled into the Tower and into a white dress that would remain hers for nearly 9 years.


She worked hard at her studies, but was often more interested in the comings and goings of the Aes Sedai than in her course work. Her “wandering attention span” was what had kept her so long in white; but when she was finally raised to the Accepted her interested in gathering information was well tended by her teachers and she only spent 6 years as an Accepted.


Many of her teachers had speculated as to which Ajah the young Alia would choose, but she followed her aunt into the Blue, knowing how extensively her skills could be used. She was put to work right away working with the Ajah’s eyes and ears, taking tests and solving complicated puzzles much to the amazement of her superiors. She gobbled up the information that passed through her hands and kept careful mental logs of all that could be of use later.


It was in decoding one of those many puzzles that Alia’s life changed. Working late into the night using her cipher book to rewrite a message from one of their eyes and years Alia learned that her Aunt had been slain. It was rumored to have happened in the Blight; a common dying ground for Borderlanders; but her Aunt had been anything but common. She had been strong in the Power and her Warder was a warrior from near by Shienar. Neither of them would have made such a fatal misstep. In the coming weeks more messages came in containing infuriating clues that led nowhere. Each time she thought she’d found her Aunt’s killer the trail went dead. There were rumors that she had been seen in the presence of a group of men shortly before her death, but nothing could be proven or confirmed.


A small ceremony was held in the Blue Ajah quarters to honor her Aunt’s death in service, but Alia did not attend. She had become a creature obsessed with nothing but finding her killer. Weeks turned to months, and months to years before any new clues emerged. It was not until another Sister fell in a shockingly similar manner that the dots connected in her mind. A note was received from the same source that had told her of her Aunt’s death, with shockingly similar clues.


This sister too, had been seen in the company of a large group of men just hours before she was found dead. The Sister had been led to the same small manor house, through the same side gate as her Aunts. Just before the body was found several women were seen leaving with faces completely hidden by cloaks(illegal in the Borderlands), followed by large men who walked with “confidence and unsurpassed grace.” The women had not pushed back their hoods until they were out of the back alley, and onto the major streets where the guards would be sure that their faces could be seen. The Blue Ajah agent had not been able to see their faces from behind, but she noted that they too had a self assured walk.


Alia had not made the connection when her aunt had died, but who else but a Sister and her Warder could walk with enough confidence and grace to make that the only distinguishing characteristic that could be given. But why would Aes Sedai hide their faces following a fellow Sisters death?


Suddenly bells rang in Alia’s mind…..


The Black Ajah… Nothing else made sense to her analytical mind. Many of her fellow Sister’s refused to believe of its existence, but she was not so closed minded. Her sharp mind made decisions based on fact, and there were not enough facts to disprove without a doubt that the Black Ajah did not exist.



As she dug deeper into those tainted waters she discovered that not only had her Aunt been killed by the Black Ajah, but that she may have been a member herself. Many times over the years her Aunt had traveled to the Borderlands, presumably to visit her family, but Alia could not ever remember her Aunt’s presence during these time. The Tower did not keep official records of Sister’s comings and going, but there were always notations that could paint a fairly clear picture. The more the studied the more she was sure that her Aunt had never once visited during all of those trips, except the last one. It was the trip when she’d discovered that a young Alia could channel.

Closing her eyes Alia rubbed at her temples. Her head was pounding, but she refused to give up. Though with her eyes closed her mind wandered back to that reunion meeting between her mother and her aunt; She could see her moms eyed filled with tears, and she could still feel the hug that both women had enveloped her in. Her mother had cried openly upon hearing that this was the first time her sister had been allowed away..


Alia’s brown eyes opened wide, and her lips formed the word “no”. In her distant memory she could remember hearing the words her aunt said to her mother. “I have missed you so much dear sister, but I have not seen the outside of the Tower in many years. They would not allow me time to see my family.”


She had lied, there was no twist to her words, no half meaning, she had lied….


The very idea shook Alia to the core. Her family history was filled with men and women who had died for the Light! How had her Aunt gone undetected for so long? How could she have turned against all that their family had stood for? How could she abandon the pride of the Borderlanders? It was their purpose to keep the Blight and the Shadow at bay.


Fearing for the life of her family Alia fled the Tower and rode for the Borderlands. If her aunt had been converted by the Dark One and then been killed perhaps the rest of her family had been as well? It was all too possible that they were at least in danger from the tasks her Aunt had begun. The Black Ajah had proven itself to the ruthless, and single minded it would not hesitate to kill her family if it served their needs.


Arriving home, Alia was relieved to see the smoke trailing from her parent’s chimney, and to see her father leaning on the neighbors fence in their front yard. She was not too late! She could still undo the damager her Aunt had done and save her family.


Entering her parent’s house Alia spilled all that she learned and all that she suspected about her aunt. Much to her surprise neither her mother nor her father seemed the slightest bit shocked by her revelations. In fact, they both looked at her with frightened stares. Fighting back tears Alia begged her mother to tell her the truth. All came out in the tale that her mother told.


Her family was not at all what they had seemed. Many of her family were darkfriends, nearly to the man. They had not committed heinous acts such as murder, but they had been traitors to their country. They had sold information to Black Ajah agents, and had allowed their house to be used to hide dark secrets. Alia spent several weeks with her family, trying to come to grip to the stories they told. She listened to their rhetoric and heard stories of the Dark One’s greatness.


When she’d asked her mother why she’d never been told her mother explained that she had thought to protect her from the life they all led, which is why they had kept the truth from her for so long.



In her long travels back to Tar Valon her mind replayed the stories she’d been told again and again. Her family still had honor, though not in serving the Master she’d always believed. Was it so bad these things they did? Her family was prosperous and well thought of; surely if the Light was truly the correct path then her family should have been reduced to beggars and thieves. These ideas festered in her mind as she spent the time with her family and on the long trip back to the Tower.


At first she told herself that she was only going to search out the Black Ajah to prove to herself that they were not all the evil killers she’d always imagined. She realized that much like all other Aes Sedai the Black Ajah were still just women, women with flaws and faults, but still human. They were not monsters or thieves, they worked for the greater good of their master. Isn’t that what the Aes Sedai did? They claimed to be servants of all, and yet they pulled strings and tweaked events to best suit their needs. As the days passed Alia began to realize that there was honor in serving the Dark Lord, and seemingly much greater reward than you could gain by serving the light.


When Alia returned to the Tower she soon found that while she was looking for the Black Ajah they were now looking for her as well. Word had gotten back to them from her family that she had found them out and almost instantly on her return to the Tower Alia was confronted by a group of black sisters and made to join the ranks or die. She realized that by joining their ranks not only could she benefit from the rewards her new master offered, but she could finally get some real inside information on what her aunt had been doing, why she really was murdered and by who, finally solving the puzzle that had driven her for so many years.



After first being sworn into the Dark Lords ranks, Alia only knew for certain the sisters in her own heart, but her quick mind gave her very accurate ideas as to who else might be of her persuasion. Women who turned to the Dark Lord did not bare marks, they could not be picked out of a crowd, but if you were willing to spend time searching archives and taking careful notes you could start to see more clearly what really lay on a woman’s heart.


For all of her years serving two masters her Light following Sisters saw Alia’s heart as pure gold, but her Black brethren knew better.


It was easy to believe that a person bound by logic and reasoning was left with little passion in their life; therefore it could be deduced that with no passion there could be no crime. Alia was the picture image of the opposite conclusion.


It was her intense logic that made her a ruthless killer. She did not take delight in killing, though she would kill should the need arise. She could also torture if the situation called. With such a keen mind and deductive reasoning skills she was able to know which method of torture would yield the best results. She would see the slight tightening around the eyes of one of her victims as she ran through their list of possible deaths, downing, being burned alive, being ripped apart piece by piece; healed between each removed body part. For many she found deaths within their own families to be the first line of her offensive attack. It left her tools healthy enough to work, and yet kept them scared enough not to risk failing her.


The many occasions, in which Alia was forced to dispense death, she was relentless in her use of new methods. It was never as simple as poison or being smothered with a weave of Air. She used her opportunities to kill as a learning ground, almost like a classroom. She ached to understand ever detail of life, even how the last few moments of it passed. Among her many collected notebooks (all written in code) she had volumes about the last moments of human life.


For 40 years Alia served two masters, the White Tower and the Dark Lord with her lightered side none the wiser. One glorious night she was given the chance to rise above all the rest and take her place at the Head of her Dark Sisters. It was a position of power that would have made her mother very proud had she still lived.








*Details of her rise to power would take place in an RP (which could then be linked to the bio or added in)


Eqwina (the current/former) Black Ajah head would slip up and become careless. Her actions would put the BA in danger of exposure. Alia arrives in time to keep her from making a grave mistake and is rewarded with Eqwina’s former position.


Eqwina is allowed to remain on the BA Council as her years of information is very useful, though she is forced into near subservience to Alia for a period of time.

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*growls because she's Blue* Sounds more like a Brown or White to me. It's not too late to change the color!



lol, I'm totally just kidding :biggrin:.



I like it. I love the idea of rping her rise to power. I love the idea of Miahna (my Blue) interacting with her. They are both Blue and both Arafellin after all. Just that while Mimi is a DF hunter...haha.



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