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SG bio for Peaten al'Kar

The Don

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Peaten al’Kar was born in Malkier during the last years of it’s existence. He is the nephew of the last King, and third in line to the throne, after his cousin and older brother. When Malkier was destroyed, his widowed mother and 5 children fled south to Andor. When he was old enough, he helped out by working on the family farm, then helping his older brother, Marten, on hunts. He became a more than competent hunter and survivalist by the time Marten left the family to join the Children of the Light. He also helped out by going into Caemlyn to steal what he could. By the time he was a preteen, he was as tall as most grown men. He could now be able to steal from other urchins and beggars. His success and lack of morals soon gained the attention of the local Darkfriend Circle. It didn’t take much to convince him to join, to him (and at the time to them) they were little more than an organized crime ring. He was indoctrinated into a culture that fit him like a glove. Unlike the rest, he was the only one that truly believed in the Shadow’s existence. He had seen first hand, even though he was so small as to barely remember, what Trollocs could and would do. His brother was a fool, thinking he could fight the Shadow. He had seen the Children of the Light himself when Marten left them, they were little more than bullies in shiny armor. He doubted any of them had ever been in a real battle. Marten claimed to want to take back Malkier by force, but Malkier was gone. When he was fourteen, he left on his own to Malkier itself. He didn’t really know why, he just felt like he had to go. He packed up only a few things, then left his mother with his older sister Lena, and younger twin siblings Serina and Justen.

He hunted what he could on his way to the Blight. When he finally got there, close to death, he was discovered by an apprentice Assassin named Memnoch, who had also come on a feeling. Memnoch escorted him deep into the Blight, to Tar Machin Rahien, The Tower of the Black Dawn. There he was instructed in the ways of the Shadow, and in the martial arts of the world. In his time at the Tower, he had become a nearly indestructible force, the champion of the Shadow. As a Shar Mahdi, a Blood Seeker, Peaten was sent on the most dangerous missions. He was the favorite of the Chosen Demandred, becoming the Master of Combat for the Order. His weapon of choice was the ashanderei, an ancient weapon he had found in the armory of the Tower. As a Master, he was even allowed the honor of receiving a blade forged at Thakan’dar. He volunteered to personally accept one of the most dangerous missions in the books, the Warder known as Ben Gaidin, widely known as the greatest living swordsman. Instead of attacking in the night, as an assassin should, pride took over and he challenged the Warder in fair one-on-one combat. It was an epic battle, but one had to be the winner and one the loser. Peaten was the latter. Dying was a memory he would never forget.

When he woke up, he was in the World of Dreams. There he found his way to Shayol Ghul, where the Great Lord of the Dark told him of his second chance. He was now bound to serve the whims of the Dark One and his Chosen. He met once again with Demandred, who told him of his true value of the Shadow. He was to be crowned King of Malkier under the Shadow. Once he had been taught the basics of the World of Dreams, Demandred left Peaten to his own devices, never to be seen by Peaten again. Once Peaten had learned his way around, he was given a sacrifice of a human soul, whose body in the waking world also became his. He became known as the Man with Two Souls. With this new gift, he could move in and out of the World of Dreams, both through his mind and in the flesh, mostly keeping his body as Peaten. With his body back, he returned to the Tower. Once there, he challenged the Master of the Order himself, defeating him and taking his position.

The Chosen Sammael soon took over as the patron of the Shar Mahdi Order. Sammael, who resided in Sheinar, began the plans to rebuild Malkier, with Peaten at it’s head. Peaten’s current whereabouts are known only to the Chosen and the Great Lord of the Dark himself.

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