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By the Light it is Agreed

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So to catch anyone who hasn't read it up; the Bowl of winds RP has officially happened in our timeline.


I will quote the wiki on the trade agreement:


The Aes Sedai Received:


`Sea Folk Knowledge to use the bowl and control the circle

`Windfinders of strength to be part of the circle

`Use of the most powerful Windfinders instead of the Windfinders with the highest rank


The Atha'an Miere Received:


`Windfinders could learn anything that Aes Sedai could teach, including traveling and forming a link.

`The Bowl after the weather was fixed

`Twenty sisters going to the Atha'an Miere subject to their laws, required to teach anything the Windfinders wanted to learn and unable to leave until others came to replace them.

`Windfinders allowed to enter the Tower as guests, allowed to learn whatever they wished, leave whenever they wished.






So; more or less that is the boat we are setting sail upon. My Windfinder's name is Rhia, currently docked in Ebou Dar. I am looking for someone who wants to RP their Aes Sedai coming to teach Rhia as part of the bargain or as a bargain struck between our characters singularly: either option is fine by me.



Keep in mind teachers on ships are like deckhands, they have yet to earn sea legs or much respect from any of the Atha'an Miere. I have already run this by Elgee, and the link to the BoW RP can be found in White Tower (RP Div) > Announcements.


If you are interested please PM me or post here :wink:

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Hm....I think this could be really fun! I doubt Carys would leave though, and there's no way in hell Mimi would even be volunteered for that LOL.



I may have to create another character just to do this....hm....I'd really like to do a SF Aes Sedai though (I've played one before). I'll ruminate on this over the course of the day *laughs*.



Of course if anyone else wants to, I don't want to intrude, so please don't take this as a placeholder lol.

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