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Hello Randlanders


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Hello everyone.


I'm beginning my second reading of the Wheel of Time and I'm a big fan of it as well as of fantasy in general.

I've been reading through some threads in the forum and wish to participate and learn more about WoT.

So here I am, introducing myself. I'll see you in other topics !

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Welcome to the Mount!


Its good to see another new face around these parts :3 (Even though I know where your avatar comes from >:3)I think you'll fit in around here quite well!


Anyway, do you have any questions or concerns? I can answer or adress them if you wish :3 just post them here or start a private conversation with me and I will get to them asap :D


Otherwise, I emplore you to look around DM and see what you can find ;3 lots of stuff to do here! From RPing in the PSW to talking and socilizing around the social groups :3 The possibilities are almost endless!


I will leave you to that, so until next we speak. Have fun Storming the Mount!

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