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Daes Dae'mar - April/ May 2011 Newsletter

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Welcome to the WT's monthly newsletter!!


First - i demand some appluase for myself annd Elgee for getting this done on time! \o/ and for both our valiant efforts even though noeither of us can spell nor think today. Yes... *points to previous sentence* You'd have been stuck with a newsletter full of that! And one announcing BArm as a new admin rather than whathisface Kivam... :rolleyes:





PS. Let us know if you want to contribute to our Newsletter, either as a writer, information gatherer or just as someone to keep the rest of me entertained! >.> Well PM me if you're interested and I'll get you hooked up. We have all sorts of wonderful things :wink:

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A merry band of Archers decided to visit us and cause some trouble! Luckily our women know how to take care of themselves.. the warders on the other hand.. Well.... :wink:

We all know about the tragedy that struck Japan :sad: and here's the WT trying to do it's bit!


The WT was just drenched in the luck of the Irish and the colour Green during the Green Ajah's Annual St. Patrick's Day!


For all those chocolate connoisseurs and those that simply like to stuff their face with it, the Brown Ajah hosted a Chocolate Week. http://www.dragonmou...the-brown-ajah/


We also had another Annual Green Event, The Feast of Fools. Go have a look at who took the title of Amyrlin and all those other important WT people!


Missed any of the fun of the events??? Well some are annual and some that aren't also get repeated the year after, so just keep an eye out next year and make sure you don't miss it!





In April!

4th 2007 - Warder bond - Taymist (Red Ajah) to 12th Regiment (Warders Guild)

8th 2010 - Warder bond - Nynaeve (Yellow Ajah) to Vanion (Warders Guild)

11th 2007 - Warder bond - Arya Ellesmera (Green Ajah) to Do'vran (Warders Guild)

13th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Tynaal Consen (Red Ajah) to lewstherin (Red Ajah)

13th 2010 - Warder bond - LittleMiss (Green Ajah) to Al Jenn Mael (Warders Guild)

14th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Rasheta Ardashir (Green Ajah) to Charis Sedai (Green Ajah)

17th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Kara_J (Green Ajah) to Talya (Red Ajah)

24th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Taya (Green Ajah) to Querida Farene

26th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - LittleMiss (Green Ajah) to Dragonsworn1991 (Red Ajah)


In May!

9th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Adella (Green Ajah) to LilyElizabeth (Green Ajah)

12th 2006 - Sou'vra bond - sheliara (Aes Sedai) to twinflower (White Ajah)

12th 2006 - Warder bond - twinflower (White Ajah) to Steel Axe(Warders Guild)

20th 2010 - Warder bond - Charis sedai (Green Ajah) to Talmanes (Warders Guild)

27th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Charis sedai (Green Ajah) to MartaSedai (Red Ajah)

27th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Little Miss (Green Ajah) to MartaSedai (Red Ajah)

27th 2010 - Sou'vra bond - Adella (Green Ajah) to MartaSedai (Red Ajah)

29th 2010 - Warder bond - Bela the DO (Yellow Ajah) to Tharengore (Warders Guild)

31st 2006 - Warder bond - Poledra (Blue Ajah) to Stephen Windell (Warders Guild)

2010 - Warder bond - Adella (Green Ajah) to ed2funy (Warders Guild)

2005 - Warder bond - Jeannaisais (Brown Ajah) to Raijin (Warders Guild)




We only had one raising to Aes Sedai - Song of Ice and Fire was raised to a Sister of the Green Ajah.


Quite a few raisings to Accepted:





Ahmoondah Sedai


Some lucky Aspirations to the Blue, Brown and Green Ajahs!

We have Keyholder deciding to aspire Blue!

Veranza and Poetstorm both going Green.

And other than those three March Aspirations, we had Senexx go Brown in April.


And we have two new bondings that will be celebrated in April!

Pankhuri and Thorkin, taking a risk catching lightning!

At once radical and wonderful, Song and MCS bonded too


Then on the Staff side, we have had the addition of two new Social Group Admins Kivam and Dwynwen. Although a little while later Dwyn stepped down and Verb took up her place and so sadly stepped down as Master at Arms.


The Browns got themselves a new First Chair - Raena!

Fnorrll got himself two raises... As the first WT Advisor and the newest Guidance Counselor - other Social Groups and Aspies beware! In his position as an Advisor, Fnorrll has been assigned to the Ogier Social Group :biggrin:





The Winners of the Empy's were announced, with our very own Elgee winning something BIG





A currently running game/ event you should all check out is the Warders' Sweet Sixteen Tournament - discuss, drool.. well you name it - about your favourite contestants!


Want the Red Highest to wear your creations? Well then help the Highest, Mystica, find some new clothes!




An important Notice about the DM archive. http://www.dragonmou...out-dm-archive/

White Tower Advisor Positions

Quartermaster Applications

Applications for the Master at Arms position will also soon be going up. I'll edit the link in once we have it up :smile:

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The Annual Dragonmount Awards are up and running! Wanna know who's been winning which Empy? Well you've come to the right thread.




Keep an eye on the

Dragonmount Awards board for forthcoming announcements of the winners of:


Newbie of the Year

Best Dragonmount Feature

Golden Empy Award

Most Outstanding Social Group

Most Improved Social Group

Best Social Group Leader

Most Impressive Roleplaying Group

Most Improved RP Group

Funniest Roleplayer

Most Impressive Roleplay Organsier

Most impressive PSW RP Writer

Best PSW Roleplaying Thread

Best Roleplay Group Leader

Most impressive Revolution RP Writer

Best Revolution Roleplaying Thread




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