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Seeking Constructive Criticism


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I really love it, it's beautiful, although I would have made that sprig of foliage Avendesora to be true to the picture I see on the cover of the WoT encyclopedia.


Ya, you got me there lol. I decided to add my own little twig and berries because i felt it was a little more detailed, not to take anything away from the photo. I was able to weave the twig within the spokes.

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It looks great! Nice curves, good detail on the snake. But why the 5-spoked wheel?


To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure how this project was going to turn out when i started on it. I was woried that if I added another spoke, it would look to crowded. I could have tacked another spoke in, but if it looked odd, it would have taken me a bit to remove it without taking everything else out. When I put just the 5 in, I felt it looked good, so I didnt want to risk it =p

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