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  1. Hey guys, It's been awhile since I've shared anything new. I recently made this leather wrapped editon of New Spring and A Crown of Swords. I plan on doing the whole series, but I wanted to see feedback from the official WoT site. I have these book and other books that I've done on my Instagram @fantasy_craft_co I look forward to the feedback.
  2. Saidin01

    Wine Bottle Holder

    This is a project that took around 6 hours. It was rather simple once I had a template to twist my round bar around. I finished the look by adding a few leaves with berries on them. The finish is with a process called EP , or electro polish.
  3. Saidin01

    Wheel of Time

    This is a project I completed around the 10th of April 2011. It took me around 6 hours to complete. The project is made out of stainless stell. The finish look is from a process called Electro Polishing, which basically is sticking stainless into a tub of acid connected as a positive feed. Meanwhile there are 2 negative feeds that surround it. The stainless is zapped for about 2 minutes and turns the metal shinny, thus getting me my finished look.
  4. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure how this project was going to turn out when i started on it. I was woried that if I added another spoke, it would look to crowded. I could have tacked another spoke in, but if it looked odd, it would have taken me a bit to remove it without taking everything else out. When I put just the 5 in, I felt it looked good, so I didnt want to risk it =p
  5. Ya, you got me there lol. I decided to add my own little twig and berries because i felt it was a little more detailed, not to take anything away from the photo. I was able to weave the twig within the spokes.
  6. Hey all, I posted this in the crafters section, but I was wanting to get feedback from a bigger crowd. Let me know what you all think of this, and if any of you have an ideas for me to make for my next WoT Stainless project )
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