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DM Premium Accounts! (ie, how to get access to the Chat Room)

Jason Denzel

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Hi everyone,


By popular request, Dragonmount is now offering PREMIUM ACCOUNTS. The cost is $20 US for the first year, and $15 for each year after that. (And in fact, they are even cheaper right now because they are on sale for an introductory discount. Use the coupon code thechosen to get the discount.)


You can get them here.


By purchasing a Premium Account, you instantly get:

  • Access to the DM chat room (With private chat rooms)
  • Access to premium forum
  • 2000 PM inbox
  • larger gallery space
  • additional 5% discount in the DM store on all items
  • The satisfaction of knowing you're supporting our website. :)


Eventually we want to add:

  • Ad free website
  • Selectable skins for the DM website & forums
  • Other stuff




Why We Are Doing This

Some people have questioned why we are doing this. I'd like to be very clear that we are not trying to "milk" you, or take advantage of anybody. DM will always be free to everyone. We're not going to hide news or WoT content from you if you don't have a premium account. What this is is a way for people to help support this website and get something for it in return. We turned down the idea of asking for donations and instead wanted to offer something in return for your assistance. The DM chat room and larger PM inboxes have been asked for for a long time. And the other perks (both current and future) are things we feel will make your time at DM here more enjoyable. Especially if you are one of the thousands of people that hang out here on our forums so much every day. As time goes on we'll add new features. If you have suggestions for those features, send me an email at Jason@dragonmount.com.



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