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Wolfkin's Annual Nature Week - (4/22 to 4/29)


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Earth Day (April 22) to Arbor Day (April 29)


The Wolfkin are the Nature, fun loving group. We are all about parks, sunsets, animals, and especially wolves. We want to celebrate this and bring awareness to nature and "being green". So begins Nature Week 2011. We have a bunch of activities planned, listed below:


  • Storytelling
    We will be having Storytelling! The theme of this is to tell some sort of story about Nature, be it true, made up, or from the books. Everything is about Nature so you can talk about camping, hikes in the woods, flowers, the zoo... Anything that has to do with nature!


  • Puzzles!
    There will be a daily puzzle based upon nature. Lots of fun to be had with that!


  • Picture Game
    This game is simple. At the beginning of the week, the leader of the game will post 4 pictures: a tree, a flower, a plant/herb, and an animal. The participants must then guess what they are. The moderator may confirm how many of their answers are correct, but not which ones, until someone gets all 4 correct. Then, the leader posts another 4 pictures and the game begins again. Lots of fun in guessing and trying to figure out what they all are!


  • Competitions
    There will be a list of competitions posted in one thread where people can submit entries in a variety of categories. At the end of the week, the Judges will announce the winners for each category.
    • Drawing of Nature or Flowers or Animals
    • Picture of Nature
    • Picture of Flowers or Animals


    • Recycling Tips - How to recycle, things to recycle, just all things recycling
    • One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure - Talk about some of your great finds or things you have reused.
    • Going Green - What are some great ways in general to "Go Green"
    • Most Beautiful Places in the World - Talk about the most beautiful places you have ever been to or want to go to. Pictures are a must!


We would like to invite you and your Social Group to come and join us for the fun and festivity. We will update you all again when the event starts so you can alert your members. Should you wish to hold a discussion or puzzle yourself upon our boards, you are most welcome to do so (although give Christine or myself a heads up so we know what's going on). It will be a great event to connect all of the Social Groups together in celebrating Nature and working to protect it!


Hope to see you all there!



Interim Wolfkin OL

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