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EPL Weekend Predictions


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Gday. Can't promise this will be regular, but I have some time on my hands and a few hours before the weekend's football kicks off. Here are the Berf picks for the week.


SATURDAY 9th of April


Wolves V Everton


Everton are having a strong period, but with injuries to a lot of the midfield stability could be a problem. Wolves have had some good results lately, but are largely inconsistant on the whole. With Saha and Arteta out, and Cahill doubtful, goals could be the problem for Everton. Out of the last 6 away games, they have only won once, a 2-1 victory over Newcastle. Contrast this with Wolves home form which includes recent wins over Man U and Chelsea, and I can see a victory for the Wolves faithful.


2-1 Wolves.


Blackburn v Birmingham


Both teams are having a fairly dry spell at the moment, but come off last weekend having walked away with a Birmingham Victory and a suprise Blackburn draw with Arsenal. Birmingham are probably losing in the injury head to head, with Zigic and Hleb pretty much out of contention. The home side traditionaly has come away with the result in this fixture, and I can see that happening again.


2-1 Blackburn


Bolton v West Ham


Bolton have won thier last 3 at home, however are below West Ham on the form guide with 7 from a possible 18 points. West Ham have only a point more, however that includes a win against Liverpool, and will be motivated after letting Man U beat them 4-2 after being 2-0 ahead at the break. West Ham's Demba Ba is showing good form, as is Bolton's Sturridge. Elmander is also due. I can see goals in this game, and whilst Bolton probably have the superior side and firepower, West Ham's heart (if not broken early) should see them scrape a draw.




Chelsea v Wigan


Chelsea are motoring along, largely helped by a deep squad with a lot of goalscorers rather than the prize fighers of Drogba and Torres. 3 wins from the last 4 however is hiding the poor form of the pair. Results will be much easier to come by when those two start banging them in again. Wigan on the other hand havn't won in 5 on the road, and the last two meetings with Chelsea have resulted in a 14-0 aggregate scoreline. Expect confidence to be low, especially if Chelsea get an early goal. A Torres first would lift the roof.


3-0 Chelsea, 4-0 if Torres gets the first.


Manchester United v Fulham


Man U go into the match in good form, winning 4 from thier last 6, and a midweek victory over Chelsea in the Champions League that will bolster thier spirit. Fulham however havn't won away in 6, and havn't won at Old Trafford since 2003. Mark Hughes will be confident after holding the Red Devils to a draw earlier in the term, and considering the midweek game that they played. The home form of Man U though is first class, and despite some endevour Fulham won't have enough to overcome. Despite a valiant effort by Schwarzer, Man U take another step towards the title.


3-0 Man U


Sunderland v West Brom


Sunderland, after a very strong defensive showing in the first half of the season, have found themselves fading fast and only 6 points above the drop. In thier last 6, they have scored 3 and let in 14, a far cry from earlier form. West Brom on the other hand are 4th on the form guide, and are banging in around 2 goals a game, which shoud be enough to edge them past a defeated Sunderland, for whom the end of the season can't come quick enough.


0-3 West Brom


Tottenham v Stoke


Tottenham have the quality to dig themselves out of a current slump, and Harry would be using the midweek schooling by Real Madrid as a whip to further them on. Stoke are a tough side to beat, but not having picked up a single point in thier last 6 away games, the question will be how quickly Tottenham can overcome a physical defense before the Spurs boys tire out. Expect end to end stuff.




SUNDAY 12th of April


Blackpool v Arsenal

Blackpool have caused some upsets this season, but last time they met Arsenal they let in 6 goals and that will be fresh in the memory of both teams, who are in critical mode at this point of the season. Arsenal have failed to capitalise on a few opportunities to grasp the title, and Arsene will be hungry after watching his team draw 3 in a throw with opponents they should be beating. Without the distraction of midweek games, there are few excuses left for the Gunners, who will come out firing after being reminded of such. (obligatory pun)


2-1 Arsenal


Aston Villa v Newcastle


Aston Villa are a real threat of going down this year, and a loss at home to Newcastle could be a decisive blow to thier hopes. Losses to Wolves and Bolton, and draws with many of the clubs around the have not helped, and morale is undoubtedly low at the club. Newcastle are a danger of becoming complacent, sitting mid table and with a run in that should see them pick up the required points. This is a game however that both teams will pushing to win, injuries basically forcing Newcastle to play in Aston Villa's half without much of thier midfield being able to play. Expect Bent and Barton to be key, however more chances should come to Bent to convert.


1-0 Aston Villa


MONDAY 11th of April

Liverpool v Manchester City

The form guide says a win for Liverpool, with 14 points from 18 at home in 6, compared to Man City's 5 on the last 6 on the road. However with Gerrard and Agger out for the season, and Suarez and Carroll not quite firing together yet, Tevez' lone wolf styling could harass a patchy Anfield defense into mistakes that could cost. Liverpool play with heart though, and havn't lost with Dalglish overseeing at home. Both teams will look to attack, and Suarez might have the class over a City defense that has coughed up two goals a game in thier last three.



And I'm going with my heart on this one.


3-2 Liverpool. (though could easily be 0-2 City)

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So turns out my predictions suck. Go me.


After the debris cleared...


2-1 Wolves

2-1 Blackburn

2-2 Bolton/West Ham

3-0 Chelsea Correct, but wrong score.

3-0 Man U Correct, but wrong score.

3-0 West Brom Correct, but wrong score

2-2 Tottenham/Stoke

2-1 Arsenal Correct, wrong score

1-0 Aston Villa CORRECT!!!

3-2 Liverpool Correct, but wrong score for City, who got nil.




So 6/10, with one called perfectly.



I'm pretty bad at this! Will post again for this weekends round. Let the embarassment continue...

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Berf’s back, baby!


Gameweek 35 and things are starting to get a little concrete, though with some big matches both this week and still to come, nothing is a formality yet. Oh one thing is, and that’s Arsenal chocking like an anaphylactic at the Skippy factory. But down to business!




Things look bad for Blackburn. Second from bottom on the form table, 1 point about the relegation zone, and a team that doesn’t have the surprise factor the likes of West Ham, Wolves and Blackpool can muster, it this game could be pivotal if results turn against them. They haven’t won in 5 attempts at home either, but that run includes two minor defeats to Tottenham and Man City, two teams capable of goals.


Turning to Bolton, and things look a little different. 8th in the table, and the first ‘non glamour’ club up there, they have had a strange run, a shock 2-1 win against Arsenal, only to back it up with a 3-0 loss to Fulham, where a win would have taken them to 7th, above Everton. One can only think tiredness has set in, as the Arsenal game was a grind to the death.


Prediction: Blackburn come out firing after a pre-match curry and pint


Actual prediction: 1-3 Bolton





Blackpool. Oh how we’ll miss you. Sitting on 34 points, at 17th on the table, and only out of relegation spots thanks to goal difference, thinks look grim. Whilst manager Ian Holloway is an absolute breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy managerial landscape, Blackpool seem resolved to play “Attractive football” all the way to hell. And by hell I meant the Championship. Without sterner stuff at the back, they look doomed.


Stoke have become on of those middle of the table clubs that I stopped caring about roughly 4 weeks into the season. Apparently they are in some sort of cup? Good for them.


Prediction: Blackpool to invent attractive defensive football. It’s pretty much a kit with nude pics of the WAG brigade on it as they wall up the goal mouth for 90 minutes.


Actual Prediction: A 2-2 draw that does nothing but make more teeth grind at Blackpool.





For a team at one point harbouring visions of Europe, a dreadful fall from form has seen them hit 12th, not mathematically safe but pretty much there. Interesting fact: With nearly all of Sunderland’s players injured, they’re searching around for that beachball for an emergency loan deal.


Fulham have one point more than Sunderland, on 42 and *yawn* again pretty much home and hosed. Bobby Zamora could get some more game time, which I’m sure is interesting to somebody, somewhere.


Prediction: Clint Dempsey to score again this season to break Fulham’s “goals in one season tally” record.


Actual Prediction: A lacklustre game that ends with I dunno…two goals? Whoever wins, it will still watch like a bore-all draw.





West Brom are currently riding high in 14th, and look likely to stay up this season. Largely discounted at the start of the season, they have marginally improved on everyone’s impression of them. Odemwingie has been immense. And tiny. At the same time!


Aston Villa on the other hand were expecting to be challenging for Euro places this year, and find themselves only one point above WBA, at one point dipping into the trapdoor and very nearly kicking it through. Whatever happened to Martin, anyway?


Prediction: 3-4?


Actual Prediction: 3-2 WBA that leaves Villa still looking in the rear view mirror.






34 from 34 see’s Wigan in 18th, though only goal difference keeping them there. Yep. Sounds about Wigan! Seriously, Wigan? I’ve heard of some weird towns…


…But Wigan?


Everton are doing well after a slow start, a slow middle, and a medium paced finish that somehow see’s them in 7th. I think the EPL script writers somehow forgot that results = table position, and are just putting them where they’ve been the past forever seasons. Cahill may be back, which is a plus if you like boxing.


Prediction: Wigan to set up bopping clowns on every corner flag to kick poor Timmy something to take his aggression out on.


Actual Prediction: 1-3 Everton. Byebye Wigan!




Chelsea will be playing this one with eye to next week, hoping the congested fixture form for Man Utd gives them an opening to sneak in and swipe the title while the red devils are getting whooped by Barcelona. Chelsea’s squad can go from fire breathing to disinterested, mid game, so who knows what’s going to happen here with the title so tantalisingly not out of reach yet.


Tottenham will be hoping to wreck that bid. Van der Vaart has the nuance to do it, but it’s a matter of wether the squad around him will react. Probably not, I’d say.


Prediction: Carlo Ancelotti to keep putting on his Chelsea knickers next season


Actual Prediction: The above, actually. Despite a 3-2 victory to the blues.



Part two coming soon!

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