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Hello to everyone


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Hello to everyone out there, I have been looking through this site over the past couple weeks, and I thought I was about time I said hello. My name is Tony, I heard about the WoT several years back from a few sources but never for one reason or another picked it up. Well before going on my honeymoon this past August, I finally decided to download a audio book copy of EotW to listen to while laying on the beach drinking my umbrella drinks. Well I was instantly hooked, and am proud to say that I have just this week finished ToM, and of course desperately waiting for the release of Memory of Light.


I listened to the whole series in audio book form and loved every second of it, the readers did a fantastic job. But I hate to admit I know there are things i missed for one reason or another. So I decided to start over again from the beginning, this time I'm actually going to read them. I don't think I've been more excited about reading something that I already know whats going to happen.


I have found myself talking about the books all the time to anyone who would listen. My wife has gotten so sick of it, any time I start to say "you know in the books I've been reading" she just rolls her eyes and starts saying uh huh, uh huh... I think its hilarious.


So with that all being said, again hello to everyone. I look forward to discussing this wonderful series with all of you, I'm sure I have so much to still learn, and I can't hardly wait.

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All on audio tape first huh? that's quite interesting, but I'm sure you'll love actually reading the books! And ya know, maybe you can convince your wife to read them someday...I tried that on my boyfriend but as soon as he discovers the series is more than one or two books, he blocks it out unfortunately...and then goes off and plays World of Warcraft for hours at time!


Anyways, we're thrilled to have you here! There is a great board for book discussion if you would like to join there (I'm sure you could talk about the difference in listening to the books and actually reading them!). There are also social orgs you can join and roleplaying orgs. I personally suggest the Band of the Red Hand social org (of which I am second in command) or the White Tower Social Org (of which I am a sitter for the Brown Ajah).


No matter what, do whatever YOU want to do! It's a great time no matter where you end up on this site, guaranteed! But, if you come find me again I'll give you more of these *hands him some of her extra special chocolate fudge brownies* Enjoy ;)

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