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HELLO fellow WOT heads im glad to be here!!


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hi im kanari and i've always been looking for a place to discuss all things wheel of time. im hoping that i will be a good contributer to to this site. if any body wantsn to hit me up on msn messenger my screen name is on my profile.

ps im sorry for the bad spelling. spell checkis my best freind

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Welcome, Kanari! DM is definitely the place to discuss wot. If you want indepth plot discussions and mad theories, head over to the wot discussion board! Or, if you're more into the social side get yourself into one of the organisations. I hate spellchecker on my browser. It always tells me I'm spelling things wrong because I'm not spelling things American. *tears hair out*

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Welcome to DM Kanari! We love having néw people come on board and I'm sure you'll become an asset to whatever part of the site you become active on! We have general book discussions, social groups and role-playog groups! As second in command of the band of the red hand social org, I personally recommend that one ;-) we have all kinds of interesting music threads and an overall good time with the three regiments!


Also, as a sitter of the white tower social orgs brown ajar, I can also recommend that place! The browns love a good discussion about anything and everything so don't hesitate to stop on by!


Oh and I'm Jea by the way! I've been around these parts for a few years now and I love giving newbies these....*hands the newbie a plate of her extra special chocolate fudge brownies* do enjoy and I hope to see you around!

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