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hey everyone


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Hey everyone! Just introducing myself as a new member of Dragonmount. I just recently discovered the wheel of time while looking at a poll on the internet for top fantasy novels to help me choose my next. With great luck I discovered a HUGE series that I am very addicted to already! I am on the 3rd book right now, The Dragon Reborn, and got a long ways to go! Is there a part of the forum i can find a discussion for the book im on? Or like some kind of reread thread for it? Thanks!

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Welcome to DM Adrenas! Like Myrenna said, be very very careful about spoilers! If you do head over to the discussion boards, be sure to mention where you are in reading the books so nobody ruins any of the suspense for you!


The social orgs are a lot of fun as well! I personally recommend both the Band of the Red Hand and the White Tower....not that I'm partial at all lol I'm second in command of the Band, and an aes sedai of the Brown Ajah. At the Band we have plenty of music and travel stuff, while at the Browns we will have discussions about almost anything and everything!


Not to mention, I love giving people these *hands over a plate of extra special chocolate fudge brownies*


hope to see you around!

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