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Internation Woman's Week


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Each year the Red Ajah from Dragonmount organises an event called International Woman’s Week. Traditionally this occurs in the week leading up to the real life International Woman’s Day event on 8th March and is generally centered around the theme of the year set by IWD.


This year, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of IWD and our expanding our own IWW to two weeks with an extra week for a real life, WOT-wide activity. All Wheel of Time fans are invited to join us and participate in this event.


We call upon any Wheel of Time fans (male or female) who wish to do something more than discuss gender issues on an online community forum.


What can you do?


Organise a small activity to celebrate and honor the women in your own local environment who are active in the fields of Education, Science or Technology.


Find out more information on how to get involved and participate on the IWW Wbsite.


Your activity will be added to the site and linked to the official IWD site.



You're also encouraged to check out the White Tower Social Group, the Red Ajah will be hosting a Celebration Thread on the public board. Here is a quick link to the thread.



- Red

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