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Sovin Nai Raising Ceremony {Closed RP}


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What in the world is going on? Krachend thought as he roused himself from his blankets and dressed. The hold wasn't under attack, otherwise the gongs would be sounding. Nonetheless, the pounding on his door had been quite emphatic. Ensuring that all his gear was in place, Krachend dashed into the hall and to the Sovin Nai's gathering hall and took a seat next to Boran and Datarrn. "What's going on?" he asked.


"Argono has some sort of announcement that he wishes to make," Datarrn answered. "Other than that, I have no idea." A glance at Boran told Krachend that the other man was just as clueless. Gradually, what little noise the assembled Aiel made went silent as Argono stood and took his place at the front of the hall.


"I see you," he began formally, no hint of his typical self to be found. Light, what's going on? "Recently, you may have noticed that I haven't been myself. I wish to apologize for that. I have had certain... issues come up that I need to sort out. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot properly do my job as the Sovin Nai Society Leader." A series of astonished murmurs rushed through the crowd. Argono leaving? Argono?! Krachend found himself wishing that Argono would crack a smile or anything to indicate that this was a joke of some kind, yet the man stood firm as a statue.


"I realize that this comes as a shock to you, and if there were any way that I could ease that for you, I would." Argono truly sounded saddened; Krachend could understand. The man had given his life to the society, and now he was leaving them. For a moment, Krachend caught Argono's eyes, and the two looked silently at each other. Suddenly, a twinkle came to Argono's eyes. Krachend had an odd feeling that he knew what it meant.


"Yet my absence means that there will be a void in the leadership of the Sovin Nai. Which means that we must raise somebody to the position of Sovin Nai Society leader." A few sadistic chuckles eminated from the crowd, and a few heads turned towards Krachend. The Society Second looked at Argono with an unreadable expression as he laughed inwardly. "As my final act as Society Leader, I raise Krachend to the rank of Sovin Nai Society Leader. Krachend, come forward." Rising stiffly, Krachend made his way to the front of the hall. As he turned to face the man, Krachend muttered softly, "Well played, old man. Well played."


Argono smiled, a brief thing that became the same face they all knew and loved. "Lead them well, my friend," he said quietly. "Are you ready?"


"Of course not. Get on with it," Krachend said lightly. It was no surprise when Argono's fist crashed into his belly, winding him. Krachend barely managed to stay standing, and a smile came over his face as he gasped. "My turn." With that, Krachend struck Argono in the chest with the heel of his hand, staggering him. Looking out over the Sovin Nai, Krachend did a quick count. Approximately 300 were present; some were out scouting or visiting relatives, some were from different holds, septs, and clans and staying at the Sovin Nai roof. Still smiling, Krachend looked at the gathering, which was already assembling itself into a line by age. "Well, what are you waiting for?"




"Congratulations, Krachend. Lead us well," Herxo, the newest Sovin Nai warrior, said. A bruised and bloody Krachend nodded, and Herxo delivered the last punch, a heavy blow to Krachend's face. Staggering slightly, Krachend shook his head and locked his eyes on the lad. Muscles sore from being beaten, then forced to work, flexed one last time, and Krachend's punch sent the kid sprawling.


"It is done!" Argono intoned. From one side, two Sovin Nai rushed out with knives. Each one seized hold of Krachend's cadin'sor and pulled, tearing his shirt off his body. Each then drew a knife and set to their assigned task. The shapes they carved into Krachend's chest- a series of symbols arrayed around a knife- would mark him as the Society Leader. A handful of dried ink rubbed into the wounds sealed his fate. "May you lead the Sovin Nai well, until duty draws you away or until you wake from the dream." Argono then knelt. Looking at Krachend, he asked, "What does the Society Leader order?"


Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves and emotions, Krachend said the one and only thing that he knew he must say. "Throw open the oosquai cellars! Let none who do not bear the knives on his arms enter the roof until tomorrow. The first one to pass out will help the gai'shain clean up tomorrow!" A loud cheer erupted from the gathered Aiel. Offering his hand to the former Society Leader, Krachend said, "You have no idea how badly you are going to be missed, Argono."


"I know. I hope that I will be able to return one day, but I am not sure, my friend." The urge to ask what was wrong welled up again within Krachend, but he didn't ask. "You're missing your own party, Society Leader. Get going."


"Thank you," Krachend muttered. Again, Argono smiled. Then he turned and walked out of the roof. Despite the number of Sovin Nai present, Krachend felt more alone than he had on any of his wanderings.



Sovin Nai SL

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