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Things I would Like to See


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This is a topic for things that people should do with the power, but just haven't bothered to think of.


#1: Fly. Make any type of flyable structure out of Air (very strong, very light), then use the power to propel it (how is up to you, although I would create a jet engine and just spin it). Difficulties? Only one person in Randland has really made a study of Aerodynamics, and she's a lady in the Library of Cairhein. What would it require? Someone strong in Air, with either an Angreal or a circle.


#2: Bodyarmour. The power has been shown to be able to stop just about anything. Why not make body armour out of it, then tie the weaves off? Or just tie the weaves to clothing? Might require either A: A buddy to do it for you, or B: The ability to tie weaves to clothing, with the weaves staying attached to that piece of clothing. That is assuming that you couldn't do it to yourself, although I'm not sure about this as you can use Illusion on your self.


#3: A straight-bar power attack like Balefire, but without the whole pattern-burning effect. Make a sharp core out of air and earth like the one Asmodean put at the Rhuidean entrance, and then use fire to make it flashy (if you so wish). Simply swing it through the enemy force, and voila! Field battle won!



Discuss problems with these, or add your own ideas!

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