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Two Worlds II


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SouthPeak Interactive just released a Two Worlds II developer diary, and it's pretty revealing. Two Worlds II creative director Scott Cromie speaks about the first game, and is frank about the struggles TopWare had in creating the Xbox 360 version, which wasn't as polished as it should have been. Still, Cromie appears to be excited about the sequel, which he feels will correct many of Two World's flaws. We have to say, what we've seen so far look much better.




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I'm picking this up Tuesday first thing! So cannot wait. Been looking forward to it. The multiplayer and story look amazing. I'm getting it on PS3. If anyone's getting it for PS3, let me know! (Yeah, I know it's been out in Europe, but I'm in US, so we don't get it till Jan. 25th).

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I will be getting it for my ps3. It has only been out in certain parts of Europe. Release date for UK is set for like 4th Feb atm. Don't really know what they are doing with it.


I will however be waiting for it to come down in price. I have too many games bought and un played atm to really pay top amount for games atm.

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I just pulled this from Co-Optimus (a web site devoted to this sort of thing... what will they think of next?)


Local Co-Op: No

Number of Players Offline: 0 Players

Online Co-Op: Yes

Number of Players Online: 8 Players

LAN or System Link: No

Number of Players via LAN or System link: 0 Players

Splitscreen: No

Simultaneous Local and Online Co-Op: No

Number of Players Online with Local: 0 Players

Drop-In / Drop-Out: No

Co-Op Specific Content: Yes

Single player content available in Co-Op: No


So it looks like your right. You can only play co-op games in the Co-Op portion. Seems silly to me.



But there is also this,



The final part of the presentation was about multiplayer and cooperative elements. Two Worlds 2 will support full two player co-op through a separate cooperative campaign. However, the characters in co-op are story relevant, and are different from the main character in the single player. For this reason, you won’t be able to transfer your single player save data to multiplayer. There’s also a different world to discover in Co-op. So instead of having a tacked on “single player +1″ (or more) adventure, players will get to experience an entirely different campaign and environment in the cooperative mode.


The more interesting multiplayer game type was the one least explained. Entitled “village mode”, each player is assigned his or her own village. As you (and your friends) continue to take quests in this village the economy will grow. The player who owns that particular village will get to decide what type of work it will specialize in. From a review .... that I forgot to copy the web site name so I can not site it.... sorry. :blush:

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I have given up on any reviews from Mags anymore. Too often they are biased and reviewing a sample and not the finished product. That's why you'll find me asking people here what they think. I least I know they will be link minded, not that IGN is not reviewing what they have been given fairly it just has become this running theme that unless it's a massive advertiser the review seems a bit, well harsh.


Two worlds is not worth 60 dollars 30-40 is likely a fair price. We got ours with a buy one get one free. So I am happy with what I paid. All in all the game has the same problem most Large RPG’s have they have put so much into the game there is more to go wrong. But considering how much is not wrong I think they did a bang up job. It is less glitch then Fallout (Xbox 360) the online is smooth and challenging. I still haven’t even gotten to the single player and I have likely logged about 15+hrs. I enjoy the Co-op the graphics are great. The music keeps being a little laggy but we have discovered that this is due to my play style. I play an archer so as long as I have line of site I will pick off my targets; we think that this has me outside of the ‘music’ area. This is supported by Kitten who is not experiencing this issue while we are playing together on the same network literally sitting only about three feet from each other on different sides of the living room.


So I would tell you to rent it if you’re on the fence, there may be some issues you do not care for and Single player may be more your thing and I really can’t say much on that but I think it is a great game just the same.

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the gmae informer review of thsi wasn't too kind to it either. they claled it B-rated RPG and a good filler until Skyrim comes out. claled the graphics glitchy as well event hough the worl design graphics were great. is this about right??



every time i go into Gamestop, i want to buy it. but it's just too expensive right now and i'm waiting on Mortal Kombat more *grins*



Yeah I saw something about that but I thought it was saying that there was several mission you coulds only do if you were in Co-Op not that these were the only mission you could play Co-Op. Can anyone provide any information on this?



the only console Co-Ops i personally have played are Fable 2 & Sacred. both of these have a solo story line and the levels & goodies earned during Co-Op aren't saved.



you might want to try a Marvel Ultimate Alliance. it's got a Co-Op and be and Bubba really enjoyed playing through 1 & 2 together.

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