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Mmmmm... EotW... so tasty... *waves hello to his alter ego in book one* Oh Narg, you didn't last long enough. *tears*


Anyways, welcome to DM. We are a fun group of people that like to do soooooo many things.. not just talk about the books. (of course, you can get us to do that too!) Browse around the boards, stop in and say hello to the orgs and divs. And if you get a chance, say hello to the Warders in the White Tower Org. We enjoy contact with the outside world. *whispers* Rescue us... please!


Uh... ummm... er.... Anyways... if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! Otherwise Welcome!


The Narg

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Hello all. I am an avid fantasy fan. I started reading the series back in the late '90s and never got past halfway through Book 5 - The Fires of Heaven. We have moved around a lot since then. I was going through some boxes in storage and found the books in one. So today I picked up Book 1 - The Eye of the World and started reading it again. Instant memories of how much I liked these books.

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