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Well, I made this account yesterday so I figured maybe I should actually post instead of browse. Where better to start than an introduction.

So, hi! I'm Aeacides, I've been a WoT fan since I started High School, ten years ago. In general I'm a huge fantasy fan, but I'd say Mr. Jordan is the only author to ever equal Tolkien. Anyway, a little bit about me. I like to read, fantasy as I said. But I also like to game so yes...Hi!

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Why hello there.... how are you? I hope you have found our humble site of AWESOMENESS much to your liking so far. I am Nargbert... a trolloc. Please, don't run away. Dinner is not for at least another couple of hours. You should run then! I am also a warder... yes, didn't see that one coming did you?!


Please, browse around, say hello. If you get a chance, by all means, stop in the White Tower Org and say hello to the warders! We can be a strange lot... which makes us perfect here! Stop in and say hello to the rest of the orgs as well and find what you like! If you have any questions at any time, don't be afraid to ask. Whats the worse that could happen? Thats right... they send me at dinner time.:biggrin:



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