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Wheel of Time Series re-read!!


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Hello fellow DM'ers. Starting here in January I will be posting a Chapter by Chapter review of the entire Wheel of Time series. The goal is to finish the series around the release date of aMoL and finish the review with the newest and final book.


Feel free to come join us for the discussion portion of the review. Each entry will be 2-3 chapters and will occur every 1-3 days barring any RL setbacks. The first few chapters are under way and the discussion has begun.


Note: This is not simply a what happened in each chapter(Encyclopedia WoT has that covered), this will reflect what I felt the first time I read the words(in some cases, 20 years ago) and how I feel about them now.


THIS THREAD will contain only the review entries. It is a locked thread.


THIS THREAD will contain the entries and the discussions of participants involved. It is open to the DM public.


Thanks and hope to see you there.

Samurai - Ogier Eldest


Group Leaders, feel free to delete this post if you do not wish it to be here. My apologies if that is the case.

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