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The Dark Prophecy from TGH


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The Watchers wait on Toman's Head.

The seed of the Hammer burns the ancient tree.

Death shall sow, and summer burn, before the Great Lord comes.

Death shall reap, and bodies fail, before the Great Lord comes.

Again the seed slays ancient wrong, before the Great Lord comes.


Looking at this stanza, I think it's all fairly well self-contained. The Watchers are the people who were tasked with waiting on Toman Head for the Return of Hawkwing's heirs. Luthair's heirs are the seed, and they burn across Almoth Plain/Falme, whose flag had Avendesora on it. The seeds of significant death are planted when the Long Hot, Dry Summer starts. Also this is when Taim and Logain are both captured. Taim is later freed and is obviously at the root of much future death. Lastly, Rand's appearing in the sky is what signaled many people to cast off their oaths/burdens/lives and become Dragonsworn, again planting seeds for many future deaths. Deaths are reaped (collected) when the summer wears on, as the Dragonsworn begin fighting (of particular note is Masema, who was planted/manipulated during the long summer) and all across the world, plans that were begun around tGH begin to bear fruit. Illian, Andor, Tear.


The last line, Again the see slays ancient wrong, took some thought, but I think it could refer to the fact that the first wrong the Seed slayed was the Watchers not holding to their oaths. That wrong was echoed by all the people of the various nations, who broke their oaths of loyalty to the Hawkwing Empire and split off their own nations. By the Seanchan point of view, the ancient wrong is rampant oath breaking. Everyone on this side of the ocean is forsworn, and so by burning across Almoth, they addressed those who directly swore to wait for the Return, and by capturing other countries and making them reswear oaths of loyalty to the Paendrag Throne, they are righting the ancient wrong.


This does fall into line with their activities during the long summer, so lines up with the rest of the parts of this stanza. Almoth/Falme is where they landed first. The seeds for much death were sown in a variety of places (the seanchan's presence, the Dragonsworn, the DO freezing the seasons at Summer, etc.). Those seeds began to come to fruition all across the world as the Seanchan moved out, the Dragonsworn spread, the Forsaken took their bases, and more. And then the Seanchan began having success righting their ancient wrong by deposing rulers and nations that would not reswear allegience, which sets the stage for the Dark One's return, per the prophecy.

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The Daughter of the Night may not be Lanfear. It could be Tuon, the Daughter of the Nine Moons, still fighting the war against the Aes Seadi. Her new Lover would be Mat. Yes, I know she is no longer the Daughter of the Nine Moons, but she was when she arrived and started the fight.


EDIT: Didn't read far enough. I still think its Tuon though.

her new lover? who is her old lover then?

and this:


Daughter of the Night, she walks again.

and how does this work? was Tuon crippled before so she couldn't walk?


I have no idea who her old lover was or even if Mat as Prince of Ravens or whatever could be considered her lover at all. I have no clue what their traditions are and have seen no mention in the books. Mat and Tuon have not consumated their relationship that I have noticed. But, Tuon is the only leader planning an attack against The Shining Walls. Based upon that I think that this passage speaks of Tuon. If the Broken Wolf doesn't speak of Perrin then it could also be that Daughter of the Night isn't speaking of Lanfear. OR, we could all be wrong and the Broken wolf could be Perrin and Daugghter of the Night is Lanfear. Since Perrin becomes a raving mad man when he even thinks of losing that wretched wife of his, we could say that something will happen to Faile and he will become the Broken Wolf.

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