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A test for Drizzt


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Drizzt stood facing the door, it was a teacher of his parents order who had come to fetch him, one of those he grew up learning from, he could remember many a late night reading together with Zavian. That of course was before he had tested positive to learn to channel, the only lessons he had after that with Zavian who had been one of those to push him, had been in the one power. He listened to Zav's advice of taping into the calm he inhereted from his father, took a deep breath and strugled as he grasped the power, he finally managed to get a steady hold and got over the feeling of sickness in his belly. He looked to Zavian and nodded, the door slid opened, and he walked aprehensionally into the maze, he heard the door slide shut behind him and it went pitch dark.


His palm outstreached he formed a lightball, then let it hoover infront of him before he started walking. He had nubs all up his arms, though it didnt tell him anything about how close the presence of the other channeler or channelers was. He came to an intersection and descided to hold right, just as he passed into the hall he heard a rumbeling, he on instinct turned too the side and used air to shove away from him. He saw dust clear up and saw a big block about too tip over, it was time to get out of the way, he ran too back into the intersection and heard the crash behind him. Going to the left nothing happened then he came to a ditch, there was a tiny bridge across it, obviously a trap, he looked around to try and figure out what it was. A flash made him duck, a fireball hit the wall above him, another came into view and he rolled too the side, only barely managing to stop before he rolled into the ditch. Scrambeling too his feet he stired up the motions of the air and went out into the bridge, he needed to get out of there.


Just as he touched base with the floor on the other side he got a hunch and ducked, he could smell singed clothes. He sent a small fireball of his own back over the ditch for distraction, and because he was anoyed. He quickly subdued the anoyance, it was something that came natural to his mother, but in this his fathers influence had won through, teaching him the value of a cool head. He was walking along when the floor suddenly started feeling soft under his feet, he sped up all he could to get out of there before the stone turned to quagmire, he almost made it, but had to find handhold on the wall to drag himself out of kneedeep mud and climb onto solid floor.


He sped up to get away from there, and triped over something, then felt invisible hands beat into him. He got up and fled onward trying to duck away from invisible whiping strands, trying to deflect them with the power as best he could. He suddenly found himself in a dead end, he managed to make a few more lightballs and sent them into the air then spoted a difference in the darkness. He started attacking the rocks and chisled them up so he could find handholds, then kicked of his shoes to start climbing. He was halfway up when the invinsible whips came back surprising him and making him almost loose his hold. Looking around he let his mothers side win through, while a cool head was good adrenaline let him focus more solidly on one task. He sent a fireball down the hall, then clambered up the wall doing his best to ignore the whipings, instead letting them fuel him so he better can focus.


He got over the wall and the beating stoped, he rolled down a slope and found himself stoping dead against a wall. He felt the beatings start again and reached up managing to pull down the handle and roll through the door, the beatings stoped. He closed his eyes and shivered, he felt dizzy so he let go of the power, he could only hope he wouldnt need it. He felt hands on his body and shivered as he felt the healingweave embrace him, he opened his eyes and looked up at Zavian. He still felt tender and knew that only the worst of the damages was gone, the rest he would need to heal on his own in the regular way, a way to remember, and scars potentially to always remind him, but he had survived, he had goten out of there.

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