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Hello to everyone in the WoT world

Guest dklepper

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Guest dklepper

Hello everyone,


I have been reading the WoT since 1993 with the first book I read being The Shadow Rising. Since then I have read each book in the series, including the ToM. I have lurked about dragonmount.com from around 2008, when a fiend introduced it to me. I have enjoyed reading some of the threads (was astounded most of the times, and even lmao a couple of times). :laugh:


I have only read the threads and the news on dragonmount, but I never knew about the RPG and other stuff. It seems sad to me to realize that there is only one more book left in the WoT. I can only hope that Brandon will be given the permission to write some prequels and sequels.


The Trollic Marine

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