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New WoT-reader :D

Guest Nordlendingen

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Guest Nordlendingen



Started reading WoT about one and a half month back due to constant bugging of a friend of mine. To start reading when joining the military seemed sensible as well, when else to start such a formidable piece of work than when you will have a lot of free time? Currently halfway through the Path of Daggers. And wow, I'm impressed. The sheer enormity of the series, it's incredible.


So I felt I had to take this to the next step and join a forum. This forum I landed on after poking around. It is a lot of things to discuss after all, and I've gathered another book has been released (yay!), which I guess means a lot of activity to come here with yet another book(s?) pending after this one.


Looking forward to talking with you people! :)


Nordlendingen out

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*steps out of the shadows*


welcome friend, welcome. Please feel free to look around there are lots of things to do and read here on Dragonmount. If your interested in more..interesting conversations look at the social communities here. If you wander into the black tower do not be surprised if you are unable to leave muhahahaha.


*steps back into the shadows*

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