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Question from TSR


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In TSR, "The Truth of a Viewing" Siuan Sanche has no warning that Elaida and her cohorts are going to barge into her office. However, Siuan realizes that she never noticed the others channeling, to bind and gag Leanne because women channel in the tower all the time. Yet, neither did she feel the death of her Warder, Alric, who is dead in the antechamber with a knife in his back. Is the Warder Bond one way in terms of pain, and knowledge of death, on the Warders side?

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Guest cwestervelt

Her not noticing that she was shielded isn't strange at all. We see it repeatedly that someone doesn't notice they are shielded until they actually try to ebrace Saidar.


Concerning the killing of Alric there is this:


When Siuan was deposed by Elaida, why didn't she react to the death of Alric, her Warder?


Robert Jordan says that Alric wasn't stabbed until just before Siuan was brought out of her study into the antechamber. At that point he was dying but not yet dead. Combine that with the fact that she was overwhelmed and in shock at being arrested.



Don't ask me for an original source of that quote because I don't have one.


RJ did eventually address the issue within the books. The other quote just adds details to make it sound more probably.


With the sound of his boots behind her, she managed to make it around the corner into the crossing hallway before the dam burst and she sank to her knees weeping piteously. She knew what it was, now. Alric, her Warder. Her dead Warder murdered when Elaida deposed her. She could lie -- the Three Oaths were still gone -- but some part of her bond to Alric, a bond flesh to flesh and mind to mind, had been resurrected. The pain of his death, the pain first masked by the shock of what Elaida intended and then buried by stilling, that pain filled her to the brim.

Lord of Chaos, Chapter 30


Based on that statement and supporting passage no one bothered to make sure they had properly killed Alric. They just left him there to bleed out. He could have died at anytime after that. In his weakened state, if Suian's experiencing of Elaida's tender mercies came before her stilling, he may died from the shock of her treatment. If the stilling came before the torture that would certainly have finished him off.


What a bungler Elaida is. She can't even make sure someone gets properly stabbed in the back. Such incompetence. :lol:

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