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WT Bio for Elin Hawes--CCed by CotL


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Character: Elin Hawes

DM Handle: Phelix

Number of Characters: 1st


Age: 16

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Black, worn under a bonnet per Amidician custom


Eyes: Dark Brown


Biography: Elin was born moments before her twin brother Nile in a small town in Amadicia into a baker’s family. Elin, her mother and older sisters would knead dough all day, while her father ground the wheat and her brothers cared for the milk cow and the chickens. It saved a significant sum to do their own milling. On the other side of town a rival miller did everything he could to force the Hawes family out of town or at least out of business. Finally, the rival miller did the unthinkable. He scrawled the Dragon’s Fang on their door, in full view, during broad daylight.


His claim was that Nile was a channeler, that he was tainted by the Shadow, was forsaken by the Light, and would go mad and kill them all. Neighbors who had watched Elin and Nile grow up turned against them. No one wanted to be reported to the Children of the Light. Elin’s father held her in his arms, locked inside their home, while her brother was put to the stake and burned. That happened when they were 13 years old.


As time went on, Elin began to notice little things happening around her. The loaves of bread she baked came out perfect, even when she knew the oven wasn’t heating properly on the right side where Nile had knocked out a pair of bricks. The milk cow’s calve took sick, but got better when Elin sat watch over it. The old miller’s millstone broke in half, not once, but twice on the anniversary of Nile’s death. After each of these events, she had a horrible fever. The village hedge doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her, and secretly told her parents he thought it might be some witchery sent on her by her cursed brother’s ghost.


On her 16th Birthday, Elin wandered out into the woods, hoping to get away from anyone who knew it was also Nile’s birthday. Sitting alone, under a tree, she began talking with her dead brother. Telling him about her year, about what the people in the town still said of him. As she did that, she felt a warmth fill her. There was a glow, just beyond the edge of her vision, and she knew it was Nile. He told her that he really could channel, and that he still could. She felt him behind her, moving, and suddenly a small tornado formed in front of them. Only a few feet tall, it wasn’t a threat, but it told her Nile was still with her in a very real way.


Without warning, the warmth and her brother were both gone, and she fell over retching to her side. She laid there in the woods, sick and puking for two days until her father found her and carried her back to their home. All the while, in her fever baked mind, she called out for Nile. When she was well, no one would look at her the same. They thought her insane, possessed or worse.


One night, her mother told her to take as much of her clothing as she could, gave her a small leather purse with silver coins in it, and took her to a traveling merchant’s wagon, where some of that silver and several loaves of bread bought Elin a seat on the wagon to Caemlyn. The trip was uneventful, and the merchant kind. In Caemlyn he even recommended her to another baker, so she could earn her own way.


What Elin didn’t learn, until much later, was that the merchant and the baker both were Eyes and Ears to an Aes Sedai. The sister herself came by the bakery, and upon meeting Elin declared she would make a fine novice, block or no block.


Sparker Application:


Has your character started channeling before arriving at the tower: Yes


If yes, explain the circumstances/frequency with which she has channeled: a few times, as listed above in the bio, always while thinking of her dead twin.


If yes, has your character experienced the channeling sickness? What happened? Yes, she had fever and it marked her as tainted by her brother’s “evil.”

Your character should have a block? What is it? She believes that she is not the one channeling, that it is her brother who could channel, she is simply the only one who can see him. When that is proven impossible, she will no longer be able to touch saidar. She had learned to channel by submitting to another "person" like one has to submit to control saidar, but now that she knows the other person is not there, she will need to unlearn that, and relearn how to embrace the source.


How will your characters block be broken? She will hide her block, at first. When asked to channel, she will nod to her brother, and make sure he heard the instructions, and does as she was told. Once it is revealed, some sisters will be kind and try to reason with her, that no man (dead or alive) could weave saidar, that Nile cannot be there because no one else can sense him in any way; while other sisters will try to force her to acknowledge reality by harsher means. She would eventually be sat down with a full sister who requests to use the twinned mirror ter'angreal that allow a person to see either saidin or saidar (If they are available, they're listed on the White Tower website), and would be shown that the flows are coming from her, not from another person, and are made of saidar not the male half of the source.


This is when she would stop being able to touch the source at all. At that point, she will have been channeling for some time, and so will feel the pull of saidar that one feels when they try to abstain from channeling. She will have lessons, rather block breaking sessions, with the same Aes Sedai who showed her the mirrors, during which the Aes Sedai tries every trick she can think of to force Elin to channel on her own. Ideas for those tricks could be small prank weaves meant to irritate, walls of air that keep Elin from completing tasks, to even linking with Elin (because Elin has channeled, and would be holding herself so close to actually embracing the source, it should be easy for an Aes Sedai to pull her into a link) which would let Elin feel the Power again, but wouldn't actually teach her how to embrace it herself.


After months of sessions (3-4 threads) Elin will be given an impossible chore, perhaps she is told to clean out an entire stable in one evening, or told to scrub the Novice Quarter's common floors before going to bed. After a few nights of failing at whichever task she is given, she will collapse, give in, and fully surrender to the idea that she cannot do it under her own physical power. At which point, she will see the glow of saidar, be very angry at it, and give up on ever attaining it for herself. Just as she gives up, the glow will fill her again, and her block will be broken. She will then use the Power to finish her chore. The Aes Sedai who assigned it might be lenient and forgive her for using saidar unsupervised, or she might send her to the MoN for punishment.



Please outline RP ideas you have for the future if your character is allowed to be a sparker/wilder:

• To begin with, her first lessons will involve Nile, though her later ones will involve being unable to channel at all.

• She will always have a strong interest in sparkers with mental blocks, and will want to work with them to break those blocks

• She could seek to study ter'angreal that have to deal with souls or Spirit in general, perhaps traveling to Tear, going through the twisted door to the 'finn's world and asking if Nile could channel, and two more questions

• Her studies on souls could lead her into tel'aran'rhiod; I'm not sure if I'd like to apply for her to become a Dreamwalker, but even without being a Dreamwalker, she could use a Dreaming ter'angreal to find her way there in search of answers about whether some souls live on there (she would find hints of this in books about tel'aran'rhiod that mention seeing long dead historical figures)

• That same research could lead her to encountering Wolfkin in the Dream, and lead to her traveling to their stedding to learn from them

• Elin would have a strong sense of justice, and would work to protect fledgling channelers, perhaps (once she is a sister) she would spend a significant portion of her time traveling looking for sparkers of either gender, to send them to their proper Tower

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