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Fade Clothing

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So. As we have learned thus far, Fades are not fully in phase with time with the rest of the Pattern, and the reason for this would be that the True Power is involved in their genetics, and the True Power isnt natural to the Wheel or its Pattern.


What about a Fades cloak, then? Why doesnt it move with the wind? If a Fade were to take its cloak off, apparantly it would vanish, according to Moghedien when she observes Shaidar and is surprised that Shaidars DOESNT vanish.


I cant figure it out. Ive been trying to analyse a few things connected to the Dark One and Im stuck on this one. Are the cloaks True Power made? I cant imagine that the cloak is part of the Fade in any way.



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Think along the lines of the golems at Shayol Ghul, they are held together by the huge amount of the Dark One's influence streaming from the Pit of Doom. Myrddraal are their own little Dark One influence generators, the cloaks remain intact only when in context to a myrddraal. Shaidar Haran is a much more powerful Dark One influence generator, his cloak can probably move quite a distance away from him before unraveling. I can't think of a good explanation for a dead myrddraal's cloak though.

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