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Hello everyone, this is my first post!


I saw recently that there was a WoT game released for the PS3 console, so I thought I would hop on here and ask if anyone has tried it?  Does it do it justice, if so?  Also I saw where there is a Wheel of Time movie to be released next year! 


On a side note, I play (and have been playing for 6+ years) a Wheel of Time game.  It is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon/Deminsion.)  I seen some OLD posts discussing the same game on here.  So any old players that have played TGH (The Great Hunt) MUD, I would like to let you know that we are still alive and kicking at tghmud.org port:8500, and any of you out there who would be intersted in playing a GREAT WoT game I will disclose some basic information about it:


First off, if you are unfamiliar with MUDs, I'll give you a brief overview of what a MUD is.


A MUD is a game where many players can log in to the environment and fight monsters, go on quests, build character equipment, and fight each other.  Which works great with a WoT theme.


On TGH you basically start by creating your first character.  First you'll be asked to choose your race.  The races on TGH are: Human, Shadowspawn (Trolloc or Myrddraal), Ogier, or Aiel.  Then you will choose your characters gender, while this is mostly irrelevant... if you want to join the Aes Sedai guild(I'll get to guilds later) you will need to be female.  Don't stress too much though, you can change your gender after creation for a small fee of gold.  Next you will be asked to choose your region:  There are many of these so I'll only name a few,  Tar Valon, Stedding Shangtai, Cairhien, Codarra, etc.  Each region has a unique set of attributes (int/wis/con/str/dex). For instance, with Ogier's love of book, Ogiers have higher intelligence than most other regions and races.  Lastly you'll be asked to choose your class.  The classes are Warrior, Mage, Thief, Cleric, and Paladin.  Once you have created your character you'll enter the world in the Newbie Academy.  Here you will be briefed on the basics of the game (commands, moving around the world, communicating with other players, etc.)  Upon completing the newbie academy you will receive your first set of equipment and be sent odd into the realm to begin leveling your character.  There are many different areas with monsters to kill to gain experrience and level.  There are a total of 50 levels max and you can have as many characters as your heart desires.  Most of the areas and monsters are WoT time based, so it isn't uncommon for you to be in the depths of the Mountains of Doom slaying trollocs with your friends to gain levels.  Because TGH is a PK (player-killing) MUD the leveling process is rather fast once you get the hang of things.  The leveling system is mainly in place to help new players become familiar with areas and the game in general.  Also, just because TGH is mainly a PK mud doesn't mean you have to pk to have fun!  There are several special areas like The Ghenji Tower where you must group with allies and work together to work through the "quest" together to receive special equipment that is above the norm in value.  But anyways, back on track!  So you reach level 50, now what?  Once you hit 50 you can choose your GUILD, each guild has a leader which can choose his/her RP name with are reserved for guild leaders.  The guilds are currently:  Dragonsworn leader: Rand al'Thor, Seanchan leader: Artur Hawkwing, Aes Sedai/Warder leader:  Siuan Sanche, Whitecloak leader:  Eamon Valda, and Shadow leader: Moridin.  Once you choose your guild you also choose your allies, and each guild has a set of guild spells/skills.  For instance, Whitecloak has ray of truth spell and the inquisition skill.  Also there are special spells reserved for special players (E.G. Rand can have the balefire spell or dragon spirit skill).  Then you can get some PK fit equipment by killing mobs (Mobiles/Monsters). There are many mobs that are WoT based and load WoT equipment.  For instances, you could go kill Moghedian and have a nice a'dam to wear on your wrist for your efforts.  Like I stated before, TGH is a PK MUD... and it does it well!  I have played many MUDS/RPGS/MMOs/Console Games and I can honestly say that nothing comes close to fighting by Rand alMHor's side against Padan fain and his greymen!  The pvp is amazing and can and will give you a rush that will have your heart beating out of your chest!  I have had my hands sweating many times in my TGH career trying to survive the onslaught from the Aes Sedais channeling or Seanchans leashings!


But moving on, before I tell any of you intersted folks how to connect to this game, let me feel you in a some important pre-knowledge.  The first thing you'll notice about TGH is that a MUD is all text based.  I know what your thinking!  "Looks nerdy!"  And I can honestly say that if I was introduced to this game during this day and time, at first glance I would have gained no interest whatsoever!  But don't be fooled!  I have had and have more fun by far than any other game with graphics.  I have played WoW and A lot of xbox live games.  (Halo, Call of Duty, Final Fantas) and none of it isn't something I would GLADLY drop my xbox controller or alt+tab over to join a PK.  So mainly I'm just saying, don't judge a book by it's cover.  There are MUDS that have an average of 300+ players online at a time and there are hundreds(if not thousands) of muds exist and would not if there weren't players to play it... you do the math.  So let's move on to how to CONNECT to this game.


First I would recommend you download a MUD client, there are a lot out there... but one of the most common and simple that I would recommend to a new muder is Wintin95 (Just google "Wintin95 download). It's completely free.  Once you get the file downloaded and unzip the contents to the desired location, just open it up and click the File menu -> Connect then enter the address:  "tghmud.org" and PORT: 8500 and click OK.  That's it!  You'll be promoted to enter your name for your new character or enter the name of an existing character.  Don't be upset when you can't use certain WoT names because a lot are reserved for positions in guilds like Leaders and heroes (which are kind of the like sub-leaders you could say... they are just higher ranked players in a guild, there are usua??y two of these choosen by the leader). But then again, thw WoT name you have picked may not be taken.. especially if it's from some of the latest books, or the upcoming one :) 


That sums it up, I love WoT and chances are, if you are reading this, you do to.  It almost seems like a crime not to share information about this AMAZING game with WoT fans.  I encourage you to drop in and check it out, and promise that (if you can survive your first MUD impression) you will love it!  Be careful though, the game is very addictive which can cause you to neglect household chore/spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend time!  :P.


Also, if any of you know of any more WoT games or MUDS, please share.  Especially if it's a MUD, I love MUDS and I love WoT, so I would gladly try any that anyone recommends.


If you have any questions or know of any more games, please respond!  I would love to answer any questions you guys/gals have.


Hope to see you soon & Long live WoT!


P.S.  Sorry for any typos and my horrible sentence structure, I typed all this from my Motorola Droid and my browser isn't very cooperative with this Forum.  Also, sorry if I posted this in a bad spot... it's my first post.

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Wow.  People still MUD?  I figured after WoW came out, nobody bothered anymore.  A long time ago, long long time ago, I played on the Fires of Heaven MUD.


But that was back with text-adventures were really the only thing going.

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