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  1. Sorry, i should have mentioned: I know there aren't any "Books" to come. This was the final. But ... this is the STORY I would like to hear more about.
  2. How do we know "To Save The World" is in reference to fighting the DO? Maybe that is actually in reference to the Dragon's Peace, which comes after the last battle? Maybe without Matt giving up half the light of the world, the world would have fallen to chaos after the Last Battle killing itself off even after Rand's victory. I fully believe Moraine's duty was to help establish the Dragon's Peace, saving the world after the DO was defeated. In this case, no one other than Moraine could have effectively done it. She was her own "savior model" by dying and being reborn. She held a special place in Randland because of her connection to Rand, and she was an expert on the prophicies. She was the best person availible to secure Peace between the nations. [Also, one of the images Rand uses to remind himself of the strength of the people is of a woman who gave up everything to find a boy in the Two Rivers. He starts naming off people that have defied the DO: the woman who ran away and had a child on dragonmount, the man who raised him as his son, etc. With Moraine coming back, those sacrifices were not in vain and actually were positive images for Rand to regain his strength. I don't think this fulfils the prophecy Matt got, though, as I just don't see it strong enough. I honestly believe Moraine was needed for the Dragon's Peace.]
  3. This is the book I would most like to see come next. After the Last Battle, with chaos back home in Seanchan, the capital city Seandar a wreck, what happens next? Does Matt travel across the ocean? Does Tuon stay in Randland? Do we rename the lands the Seanchan hold in Randland as New Seandar? Obviously the laws and customs of New Seandar are going to be different than those of the rest of Randland, because of the huge divide on how channelers will be dealt with initially. I'm sure eventually some of those differences are ironed out, if not all of them. With Gateways making travel across huge distances especially easy, will we see families intermixing? Old Seanchan families from across the ocean that want to join their Forerunner families can now just pack a bag and walk through a gate. And some of the Randland who want to travel to visit Seandar, might they settle there? Will we see cultures mixing? Blending? Or, will Tuon and Matt turn some of Aludra's dragons on her homeland and re-conquor it in fire and blood? Will they crush the rebellion there, venting Tuon's frustration at being forced to sign the Dragon's Peace? Sure, there may be peace in Randland, but the Dragon never said they would have to keep the peace on the other side of the ocean. What do you think?
  4. I was reading this scene while sitting on the couch while my wife was reading her own book cuddled up next to me. Androl not only compared Pevara to old leather, but then said she was older than the trees. I looked at my wife and just died laughing. I knew right then and there that Androl would never live long enough to make up for that moment. For the rest of his life, Pevara would hold those words over his head. She would lovingly torture him for days, years, decades, centuries to come that he had compared her to old leather and old trees. And she'd probably do it with a smile on her face, promting a sheepish grin on his.
  5. Matt and Olver on the Raken flying trying to reach Rand. Matt, the warrior, the gambler, the one who has seen the world, is scared sh*tless, while little Olver is having the time of his life. Just that scene with Matt freaking out and holding on for dear life, and he looks over and sees Olver grinning from ear to ear ... i litterally laughed out loud. My wife came over to see what was so funny.
  6. TGS. It was a great mix of RJ's song, his stories, his characters, his epic world mixed with the brilliant pacing of Brandon. The characters felt true to RJ. In fact, of the three, TGS felt most like the one written by RJ with Memory being the most "Brandon" of them. It was a welcome relief from some of the slower plotlines that RJ was getting bogged down into, and you could tell there was a "MUST FINISH" vibe about it as it turned up the heat, put the writing in overdrive, and started the sprint toward the finish. I guess that was also the moment when we saw the brilliance of Harriet. Her hand in keeping the voice of the series the same, and her choice of the author to finish it. I knew that the series was going to be OK.
  7. Bela came back as one of the multitude of horses being ridden by the Heros of the Horn. Since she's a horse, we don't get her viewpoint because it would go something like this, "grass, grass, grass, carrot, grass, walking, more walking, grass, grass, carrot, who's this guy?, carrot, carrot, grass, scary thing, more scary things, grass, carrot, grass, HOLY SHIZ RUN RUN RUN RUN, rest, mist, mist, mist, grass, grass, grass"
  8. I wonder if (when) Moiraine is rescued from the Tower, will she look the same? Stupid idea: She will not look the same. There is a link between Suian and Moiraine that is mentioned in detail at the beginning of New Spring (I'm in the middle of a re-read waiting on ToM to come out). When one channels, the other feels a tingling sensation. It is mentioned even in TGH when Moiraine meets with Suian in her study. Could it be that we get proof of some "mysterious" woman is actually Moiraine through this tingle sensation? Will it be relevant at all? or is it just some insignificant detail that is nice, but meaningless?
  9. I'm reading New Spring while waiting for Towers to come out. A weird line caught my eye right at the very beginning. Moiraine and Siuan are attending the Amrylin and the Keeper (Tamra and Gitara) when Gitara has the Foretelling that the Dragon has been Reborn. Then she keels over and dies. Tamra swears them to secrecy. "You will tell no one about this, not for any reason. If necessary, lie. Even to a sister. Gitara died without speaking. Do you understand me?" I bolded the part that makes no sense. How could Tamra speak a bald-faced lie like that? Surly, that must be a mistake. Maybe there is supposed to be some sort of "(You will tell everyone only that) Gitara died without speaking." That way, she is simply giving instructions and not actually lying. What gives?
  10. I think that the Green Ajah has just been diluted over the years, like all sisters. If peace has reigned for so many years, and the only test of the Green Ajah has been a battle of men, then most of the time they won't get any practice. Even the Trolloc Wars were fought by men, and not really by Aes Sedai. Sure, they throw a few fireballs when necessary, but how long has it been since the Power was REALLY used in battle? The Green fell into complacancy, not by choice, but by time. Just so much time has passed since there ever was any real need to use the Power in such a way. I think the Seanchan taught them a very valuable lesson, one they needed to learn before the Last Battle.
  11. I've listened to two of the books on CD. I found it to be very entertaining. Both were done with the male and female narrators, and at the end of each there was a short interview session with Robert Jordan. Very cool. I couldn't imagine listening to every book this way as it took a significantly longer amount of time to get through the books, plus I just like reading. But, my commute was over 30 minutes each way, plus I had an hour lunch, so I could listen to a good solid 2 hours a day. I really enjoyed it. Some pronunciations were different than in my head, but it wasn't bad. With the second audio book (Path of Daggers), I kept the book handy and referenced it in case I missed a name, which helped. But it was a neat experience. I recommend everyone trying them at least once.
  12. I started a re-read of the series early Summer of last year with a promise that I'd buy myself The Gathering Storm for Christmas. Well, it has taken me until now to finish each book in detail. I promised myself I'd read every last word before I started TGS. I pick up my copy of TGS tonight, and I'm finally getting to read it. :)
  13. I have not read TGS, so please no major spoilers if possible. Rand is trying to make a truce with the Seanchan to prepare for the Last Battle. Perrin made a truce with the Seanchan to save his wife. Matt is making a bond with the Seanchan by marrying the Daughter of the Nine Moons, the heir to the Seanchan empire. All of these events are affected around Ta'veren, for whom the Pattern can shape around to ensure its survival. Is the Pattern pushing these people to form the alliances in order to ensure Artur Hawkwing's empire returns to reclaim Randland? All 3 of them had lucky circumstances in which they met up with and were able to secure their truces. (Matt and Tuon is propesized. Perrin luckily bumps into Tylee and she remembers the Seanchan's prophecies. Rand is, well, Rand.) Any thoughts?
  14. Is the White Tower completely broken? (I have NOT read TGS yet, so please no major spoilers if any) I'm not talking about physically broken, but is the Tower's influence diminished significantly? The Seanchan do not fear Aes Sedai, nor do they respect them. (obviously) The Seafolk / Athan Miere no longer fear Aes Sedai, and don't really respect them anymore. The Aiel no longer fear Aes Sedai, no longer fear failing the Aes Sedai, and barely respect them. The Asha'man no longer fear Aes Sedai, yet there is some sort of mutual respect if tenuous. The Kin no longer fear Aes Sedai, and their respect for them is slowly dwindling. While this is probably not the majority of people in Randland, it is a growing number of people who no longer automatically defer to Aes Sedai. As time goes on, we will probably see more and more people who notice this interaction and will probably start following suit. Could we see the White Tower broken forever? Could the Tower's influence be so far gone that it can't come back? Is the Tower's political strength on a downward spiral?
  15. And, I think, at this point in the game Team Light is losing. Everything is falling apart, so the Pattern is doing whatever it can to protect itself. Maybe?
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