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It's all about ME!


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I believe i joined 4 months ago, tops.


Some of you will already be familiar with me from my pet topic of Deity Existence, but I'm still a rookie!


I stumbled across the site after reading CoT the first time, eager for the release of KoD and have been lurking on and off ever since. Some of the theories are well thought out, but i've decided to avoid any discussion of Asmo to keep my sanity :P


PS: I look like Perrin, except for the eyes...

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Welcome to DM!


Any sanity you have will eventually disappear once you stay at this site for a while! Mine has slolwy disappeared over the 6 years I have been here!  ;D


Well, I am guessing you have explored most of what DM has to offer, and it looks like you are settled in nicely! :)

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*puts on sales-person smile*

If you want to have an excuse to be insane, join up at the Black Tower. The Taint excuses all non-rule-breaking actions. ;) *is a member*


The White Tower is also loads of fun, each ajah is represented (except the whites, they all seem to be on LoA) but they will throw you for a loop if you are expecting WoT behaviors. *is a member*


I'll let Corki handle the Band intro, since I don't know much there.


The Wolfkin are a fun/crazy bunch as well, but I have yet to spend too much time there.


Shayoul Ghul is where we let the evil in us show. The people who can't hide the evil are the ones who rise in the ranks ;) *is a member*


Ogier are educated type (haven't lurked there much, sorry)


Aiel.. Heh, well, I know they have a game of Maidens Kiss going on :P


Uhm, The Kin.. You know, I have NO idea..


And the Artists, Writers, and Crafters guild is kinda self explanatory..


Any questions? Probably.. Feel free to ask here so anyone can answer, or PM me for more info you think I might have, if you wish.

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Firstly, ORGs no longer exist - they are now called Social Groups.


As for the Band, we are DM's music, travel and eating out Social Group. We are currently picking our Dream Band, and looking at Male Vocalists. We have a host of other weekly and monthly music activities. We do have activities based around travelling and eating out, but the person running that has been on finals. There are a few other goodies on offer, but you will need to take a closer inspection to have a look! ;)

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