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  1. The tension seems to be between the practicalities of show adaptation (budget etc) and the influence of characters on the plot. The way I reconcile this is to consider the characters’ actions, not their individualism. When you look at actions only, characters like Fel or Carridin become vessels for important points, but the individual is not a core part of this. Fel essentially provides a trigger point for Min to decipher the philosophical battle Rand is fighting. Carridin starts the war on Almoth Plain and gets tortured for his trouble, neither justify the show’s practical investment in an actor to uniquely perform these actions. Its why I gave Min a backstory in reading to remove Fel, and Carridin can be combined with Valda/Niall
  2. Going to have to play with these posts to shrink them! Episode 1.1 - Leavetakings 1. An Empty Road Rand and Tam enter Emond’s Field. Rand discusses the black rider with Mat and Perrin while they unload apple brandy for Master al’Vere. Egwene offers honey cakes to the boys on her way to Nynaeve’s for Wisdom training. 2. The Peddler Padan Fain pulls up in his peddler wagon and announces Logain’s army in Ghealdan. Pan to Lan looking out from the inn window. Moiraine uses her blue stone to eavesdrop on the gathering and the two discuss the events. 3. Winternight Trollocs attack the village and Tam is injured. Show Moiraine and Lan’s defence of Emond’s Field and Rand and Tam’s defence of the farm. 4. You must leave the Two Rivers Rand hears Tam’s fever dreams as he enters Emond’s field carrying Tam. Moiraine heals Tam, tells Marin al’Vere that the boys need to leave, Egwene overhears. 5. Flight from the Two Rivers Egwene and Thom join the Ta’veren as they leave. Moiraine heals the horses. Episode ends with the party entering Taren Ferry. Episode 1.2 – Shadow’s Waiting 1. Lessons They cross the river and the ferry sinks. Thom watches Lan give the boys instruction on the use of the sword and axe, as they enter camp after they watch Moiraine talking to Egwene about the power and guiding Egwene’s first channelling. 2. Prologue to the Great Hunt Ba’alzamon hosts a gathering of darkfriends and images of the three boys are suspended in the air. Specific focus on the darkfriends coming from all classes and nations – particularly the ones who engage with the party (Shiaine, Patyr, Ingtar, Black Ajah incl Liandrin, Barthanes, Valda – Carridin being absorbed into Valda’s character) 3. Glimmers of the Pattern The group enter Baerlon, Moiraine admonishes them to keep quiet and stay close to the inn. The men have their bath and Lan tells them off. Nynaeve turns up while they bathe. 4. More threads in the Pattern The awkward dinner; Moiraine agrees to let Nynaeve stay overnight. The boys have the rat dream and wake up simultaneously. Rand goes to get a glass of milk and is rescued from a Fade by Lan. They all flee in the night. Rand has his first channelling reaction at the gates, forcing Moiraine to threaten the Whitecloaks. 5. Sheep Herders herded The group are herded from Baerlon, we see demonstrations of Moiraine’s power and the arrival in Shadar Logoth. In Shadar Logoth Moiraine recounts Manetheren’s fall and Aridhol’s betrayal. Must include the dialogue about Mat and Egwene understanding the Old Tongue. 6. Shadar Logoth The boys explore and meet Mordeth. Lan reappears with word of Trollocs. Episode ends with Rand, Mat and Thom on Domon’s boat. Episode 1.3 A Place of Safety 1. Wolfbrother Elyas and the wolves come across Perrin and Egwene huddled around a wispy fire while patrolling for trollocs. Elyas offers to help them get to Tar Valon (via Tinkers) and Hopper speaks to Perrin for the first time. 2. Morning Rand, Mat and Thom see the Tower of Genjei before Domon points to Whitebridge sparkling in the distance. Cut to Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve decide to head to Whitebridge. Moiraine emphasises the importance of her mission. Lan comments it’s a week to Whitebridge 3. The Tinker stole my pots! Perrin’s group meet the Tinkers. We learn about the Way of the Leaf. I’m inclined to reduce this by removing Aram (seriously, he has zero impact on the story). Then we can cut to Rand and co walking through Whitebridge discussing their options when a Fade attacks, they flee and Thom goes for heroic sacrifice. Rand and Mat beg for room and offer to play the flute at dusk in the next town. 4. Whitecloaks in Shadow We see the formal Tuatha’an farewell. Perrin and co walk for a time before ravens appear, Elyas leads them to a stedding to hide rather than the pursuit. They stumble into Whitecloaks patrolling the Stedding rather than sheltering in Artur Hawkwing’s hand. Hopper attacks and we hear Perrin’s first communication with the wolves. 5. Journeys (short scenes) - Moiraine turns aside from the Caemlyn Road to find Perrin and Co. - Rand and Mat montage flute playing and walking, comment on a week passing - Rand and Mat play in Four Kings. - Rand channels for the third time to escape Howal Gode. Hide in Almen Bunt’s cart 6. Rescue Moiraine, Lan and Nyneave begin their rescue Perrin and Egwene from the Whitecloaks while Bornhold is explaining Perrin’s death sentence. Moiraine discovers Perrin’s eye colour change. Rand and Mat farewell Almen Bunt at the gates of Caemlyn Episode 1.4 The Dragon Reborn 1. The False Dragon Open with a flashback of Logain’s capture, including Alanna and warders in prominence. I expect Cadsuane to be recognisable but unnamed in the scene. Close up of Logain entering Caemlyn surrounded by Aes Sedai and Warders. 2. The Queen’s Blessing Rand and Mat enter the Queen’s Blessing. Mat goes to bed, but Rand stays and meets Loial and Min for the first time. Min is moved from Baerlon to Caemlyn to provide a balancing exposition of both her powers and Ogier and streamline the story. Basel Gill tells the group Logain will enter the city tomorrow. Rand decides to go see. 3. Four Kings (short) Moiraine and co enter Four Kings and see the damage to the inn. Lan tracks them to a cart. States if the boys got a cart all the way to Caemlyn they’ll arrive around the same time as Logain. 4. The Royal Palace Rand tries to get a look at Logain, falls into the Royal Palace. Elayne, Gawyn, Galad, Elaida, Morgase and Bryne are introduced. 5. The shape of the Pattern Rand returns from the Royal Palace to be greeted by Moiraine and company. Mat is healed. Min’s visions encourage Moiraine to haste. The group determine the necessity of heading to the Blight via the Ways and Min is sent to Tar Valon with Moiraine’s message for Siuan. Episode 1.5 Blood Calls Blood 1. The Ways the group enter and travel the ways. The discover the trolloc remains before fleeing Machin Shin. They escape and enter Fal Dara where Lan’s notoriety gets them an audience with Agelmar. 2. To the Blight Ingtar reports to Agelmar Padan Fain was captured trying to enter Fal Dara while talking with Moiraine and Lan. Agelmar greets the EF group and Loial. Moiraine returns and insists the party leave for the Blight in the morning. The boys have their final Ba’alzamon dream. 3. The Blight The party leave Ingtar and enter the Blight. We see the Thousand Lakes and Seven Towers and Lan refuses Nynaeve’s love. Ingtar arrives at Tarwin’s Gap. We see massed trollocs at the other end of the Gap. 4. The Eye of the World The group meets The Green Man. He takes them to the Eye of the World. Aginor and Balthamel are waiting for them outside. The Green Man kills Balthamel. The boys flee while Moiraine tries to hold Aginor. 5. The Light’s Salvation Tarwin’s Gap begins. Rand’s struggle with Aginor is depicted. Tarwin’s Gap is saved. The Creator stops Rand from pre-empting Tarmon Gai’don. 6. The Banner of the Light Rand returns from his duel. The Horn of Valere is revealed, the first Seal is broken and the Dragon Banner is unravelled. Rand name’s the Dark One and the world lurches. Moiraine leads the party back to Fal Dara. 7. There are no beginnings or endings Ba’alzamon greets the other Forsaken exiting the Bore and voices his displeasure at Aginor and Balthamel’s failure. The Forsaken travel separately away from the Bore. Episode 1.6 The Flame of Tar Valon 1. The Amyrlin Seat Egwene meets Rand at the end of his sparring session with Lan and they discuss his channelling. They witness the Amyrlin’s party approaching Fal Dara. Rand finds the gates closed, so Egwene hides him in the women’s apartments. Agelmar and Moiraine greet the Aes Sedai at the entrance to Fal Dara Keep. 2. Tar Valon Min witnesses Elaida leading the Andoran royal party into Tar Valon. Elaida admonishes Elayne that the training will be hard, and sends Gawyn and Galad to the training ground. 3. Dark Prophecy Egwene takes Mat to visit Padan Fain. They are ambushed by Ingtar and Liandrin (though we don’t see their faces). Cut to Rand, who hears the bells and bursts out of the Women’s Apartments to fight trollocs, Ingtar saves him from a Fade and he finds Mat and Egwene. Verin admonishes him for scrubbing away the prophecy. 4. The Hunt Begins Moiraine and Siuan are caught by Verin off-guard. Verin deduces their 20-year plot and offers to help. 5. Ta’veren Lan takes Rand and Perrin to Siuan. She speaks with each separately and we see her conversation with Rand with Verin and Moiraine in attendance. Loial meets them at the entrance to the Amyrlin’s chambers and Perrin invites him to help hunt the Horn. 6. Puppets Scene in the parade ground. Siuan is shot at while talking to the boys, they ride out and Hurin (or Juilin) is introduced. Finish with Egwene and Nynaeve boarding the Aes Sedai boats on the Erinin. Episode 1.7 1. Illian Bayle Domon grumbles (by his aged grandmother) as he weaves through crowds to the Spray. The Hunter’s Oath is taken in the Square of Tammuz. 2. Saidar Liandrin instructs Egwene and Nynaeve on the river. Comments that Moiraine and Verin left the party before boarding 3. Portal Stones Rand and co discover the brutality of Fain’s party. They stop by the Portal Stones. Mat and Perrin learn Rand can channel. Selene steps into the sleeping camp. 4. The Watchers over the Waves Moiraine discusses Falme and the Horn of Valere with Adeleas and Vandene. Moiraine’s deception with the bond is revealed. Lan fights off the Dhragkar. 5. The Corenne Domon is boarded by the Seanchan and his cache of 2nd Age treasures, including the two seals is discovered. He notes Whitecloaks on Toman Head. 6. Divisions Ingtar discovers Rand, Loial and Hurin missing. Perrin nominates himself as a substitute sniffer. The episode ends with the trio waking in the parallel world. Episode 1.8 1. Initiates Egwene and Nynaeve arrive at the White Tower. Sheriam gives Egwene to the care of Elayne. Nynaeve learns she will be tested for Accepted without being a novice 2. The Scent is Wrong Perrin and co discover the Myddraal pinned to the village town hall. Verin catches up with them. 3. A Way Out Rand and co rescue Selene. She leads them to her camp where she coaches Rand to use the stone. They come out near Tremosien and the Illuminator’s Guild, barely a day’s ride from Cairhein proper. 4. Accepted We see Nynaeve undergo her Accepted Test in full. 5. Kinslayer’s Dagger Rand and Loial steal back the Horn and Dagger. They use the destruction of the Guild to escape towards the topless towers of Cairhein. 6. The Royal Line of Andor Elayne introduces Egwene to Min, Galad, Gawyn, Elaida and Logain. Min reveals her talent. Egwene has more of her dreams.
  3. Here’s my edited posts to accommodate all the info I’ve been able to find since my last post was archived. What we know: Ep1: Leavetakings (EotW Ch10: Set out from EF, Thom and Egwene join the party), and the opening scene is An Empty Road (also GH Ch9 shares the same title - EF5 splits up leaving Fal Dara) Ep2: Shadow's Waiting (EotW Ch19: Arrival at and explore Shadar Logoth, Mat takes the ruby dagger) Ep3: A Place of Safety (EotW Ch8: In book Moiraine refers to Tar Valon for the Ta'veren and EF for Rand after the events of Winternight) Ep4: The Dragon Reborn (GH Ch8: Rand's Ta'veren meeting with the Amyrlin in Fal Dara) Ep5: Blood calls Blood (GH CH7: Aes Sedai discuss the dark prophecy and Lanfear after giving Mat temporary healing following Fain's rescue raid) Ep6: The Flame of Tar Valon (GH Ch1: The Amyrlin's party enter's Fal Dara) Ep7: Unknown Ep8: Unknown (JordanCon April 2020 panel - confirmed) Characters of note cast: Leane Sharif (KoC), Liandrin Guirale (Red/Black), Kerene Nagashi (NS, Murdered searcher), Alanna Mosvani (Green) + Warders Other information (word of Rafe) · Logain will have an expanded role · Episode chronology may not follow book chronology · Visuals cut a lot of word count · Rafe has stated he wants to explore polyamory in reply to a question about showing Rand's love square · Brandon Sanderson is happy with everything but one change from the script so far · BS Instagram post had location data referencing Taren Ferry in Ep2 · Narg uploaded a shot of tinker-like caravans purportedly from a WoT set. Assumptions: · Not more than 8-10 seasons due to cast contracts and general fatigue for the whole production · Episodes to run for 1 hour each. There may be flexibility to vary these for battles etc · NS is incorporated as flashbacks · The plot will be streamlined to focus on Rand, Perrin, Mat, Egwene, Elayne o Characters who usually appear in company of the five above will only have very infrequent solo adventures. Example is Nynaeve (for epic Malkier scene), who is almost always in the company of one of the above. Likely exceptions are Logain (for Black Tower arc) and Siuan (escape from Tar Valon). Season 1 The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt I broke each hour-long episode into roughly 6 lots of 10 minutes. This is not a hard and fast rule, merely something to manage breaking up the story. I originally had the opening scene as: Gitara Moroso foretells the birth of the Dragon, falls dead in Moiraine’s arms. Zoom from the Keeper’s window out to Dragonmount; a man picks up a crying baby from the snow. But this isn’t the case anymore due to known info
  4. Being barely in it is precisely why I can't see him being cast. In all likelihood far more plot sensitive characters will be combined (Whitecloaks and Aes Sedai look good here). Don't get me wrong, I think Fel is a great character in the books but the books aren't constrained by anything except binding limits, while even a $10M/episode production still needs to establish even the most fleetingly significant characters
  5. Rafe also, I wouldn't say mocked, but heavily disparaged questions about combining any of Elayne, Min or Aviendha. I've previously floated the idea of moving Min from stabling horses at the Stag and Lion to The Queen's Blessing (probably cutting Lamgwin here), giving her access to Gill's library (and therefore grounding in philosophy - sorry Herid Fel, you're cut too), can be sent to Tar Valon by Moiraine as messenger girl when it becomes clear they need to go via the Ways to Fal Dara (culling loads of expositional detail later), and have a more meaningful intro to her visions (she can vouch for Rand and Mat when they arrive at the Blessing).
  6. Hi all, I was previously here with another email address but have re-registered with a new one for reasons. I was quite active here until shortly after AMoL came out, especially in the TV adaptation forums, where I'll be returning. Currently rereading Dresden Files for its two new releases (July) and Stormlight for its new release (Nov?) Based in Australia for time zone issues
  7. That was me, and I found the document listing it all so I'm cleaning it up and reworking a few things but it's about 70% consistent with all the information we have so far
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