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  1. The tension seems to be between the practicalities of show adaptation (budget etc) and the influence of characters on the plot. The way I reconcile this is to consider the characters’ actions, not their individualism. When you look at actions only, characters like Fel or Carridin become vessels for important points, but the individual is not a core part of this. Fel essentially provides a trigger point for Min to decipher the philosophical battle Rand is fighting. Carridin starts the war on Almoth Plain and gets tortured for his trouble, neither justify the show’s practical inve
  2. Going to have to play with these posts to shrink them! Episode 1.1 - Leavetakings 1. An Empty Road Rand and Tam enter Emond’s Field. Rand discusses the black rider with Mat and Perrin while they unload apple brandy for Master al’Vere. Egwene offers honey cakes to the boys on her way to Nynaeve’s for Wisdom training. 2. The Peddler Padan Fain pulls up in his peddler wagon and announces Logain’s army in Ghealdan. Pan to Lan looking out from the inn window. Moiraine uses her blue stone to eavesdrop on the gathering and the two discuss the events. 3. Winternigh
  3. Here’s my edited posts to accommodate all the info I’ve been able to find since my last post was archived. What we know: Ep1: Leavetakings (EotW Ch10: Set out from EF, Thom and Egwene join the party), and the opening scene is An Empty Road (also GH Ch9 shares the same title - EF5 splits up leaving Fal Dara) Ep2: Shadow's Waiting (EotW Ch19: Arrival at and explore Shadar Logoth, Mat takes the ruby dagger) Ep3: A Place of Safety (EotW Ch8: In book Moiraine refers to Tar Valon for the Ta'veren and EF for Rand after the events of Winternight) Ep4: The Dragon Reb
  4. Being barely in it is precisely why I can't see him being cast. In all likelihood far more plot sensitive characters will be combined (Whitecloaks and Aes Sedai look good here). Don't get me wrong, I think Fel is a great character in the books but the books aren't constrained by anything except binding limits, while even a $10M/episode production still needs to establish even the most fleetingly significant characters
  5. Rafe also, I wouldn't say mocked, but heavily disparaged questions about combining any of Elayne, Min or Aviendha. I've previously floated the idea of moving Min from stabling horses at the Stag and Lion to The Queen's Blessing (probably cutting Lamgwin here), giving her access to Gill's library (and therefore grounding in philosophy - sorry Herid Fel, you're cut too), can be sent to Tar Valon by Moiraine as messenger girl when it becomes clear they need to go via the Ways to Fal Dara (culling loads of expositional detail later), and have a more meaningful intro to her visions (she
  6. Hi all, I was previously here with another email address but have re-registered with a new one for reasons. I was quite active here until shortly after AMoL came out, especially in the TV adaptation forums, where I'll be returning. Currently rereading Dresden Files for its two new releases (July) and Stormlight for its new release (Nov?) Based in Australia for time zone issues
  7. That was me, and I found the document listing it all so I'm cleaning it up and reworking a few things but it's about 70% consistent with all the information we have so far
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