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Vasilis Daemin was pacing back and forth in his room that the Aes Sedai had given him after being healed. It was a room fit for a king, and he had never before seen it's like. Normally he would be overwhelmed by such luxury, but now he hardly noticed it. He had been thinking for some time. He owed the Aes Sedai for Healing him, and he had nothing else to do. But he did not want to jump into this particular pond without thought.


The day before he had explored his surroundings, after an Aes Sedai had come to check on his condition and told him that he could get up and walk around. As he walked, he had seen the students in the warder's yard learn how to handle their weapons. He had felt called to join them, but decided against it for now, because he needed to think. He had always been careful of how he acted and had always given everything thought. His father had been instinctive. He had never given things much thought. That was probably why he was dead. That wasn't fair and he knew it, but he had to blame something. He had nothing left. He didn't even have enough silver to survive for a day, much less the rest of his life. He had abandoned the house back in Saldaea, because he couldn't bear to live in the house anymore, with the weight of memories bearing down on him. He had needed to get away. That was one reason he had been pulled to join the warders, but he just didn't know. He needed to do something.


He felt like a bow, stretched to the breaking point. He needed to release the tension or he would be broken. Leave or stay. It seemed such a simple decision. And yet he had thought about that very thing since he had woken up. Which one?


He walked out of the door of his finely dressed room. He had made his decision. He had to do this. It was the only thing that made sense. He hardly noticed the expensive and colorful tapestries as he made his way down to the warder's yard. He was an arrow shot from a bow, bearing down on one target. He could not be distracted now.


When he arrived at the warders yard, he hesitated, wondering who he should ask. He looked around for someone who looked important, and wasn't busy. He saw a quite dignified looking man who was watching the yards. He didn't allow himself to think. He walked up to him.


"Could you help me? I would like to train with the warders," Vasilis Daemin said.

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A sparrow swept low over the gently flowing grass; moving to the caress of a light morning breeze. Drawing in a deep breath Corin let it out slowly, releasing any tension in his shoulders and neck. It was a wonderful sun kissed morning; the thin smell of the previous nights chimney smoke lingered lightly in dews fresh scent. He glanced around the yard in a quick sweeping gaze as if looking at nothing yet his mind recorded the picture to the last fluttering leaf. In the distance his mentee was working laps on the track and the early morning crash of wood had already begun to float in the air from the sparing rings. All were signs of home to him now.


He had come to Tar Valon seeking adventure as a Gaidin but instead had found a new home; a purpose in the guard and another’s use. The guard had become his new family and he would readily give his life in stay of almost any of its members. The sisters and their future additions to those ranks he would protect as vehemently as a mother would her own child. But confusion and more still held him in turmoil over a certain pair of those sisters. A Grey who had surprisingly infatuated him and a Green who he cared for so deeply he would give all in a heart’s beat to save. But would you sacrifice the Grey for her?


Word about assistance in a young soft voice at his side rousted him from his thoughts and future worries. A dark haired boy stood at his left; dark green eyes flicked continuously to the yard around them and it's activity; burned with a desire he had seen many time in his years in the Guards ranks and before. Corin’s hand rested at ease on the pommel of his sword hilt as he surveyed the youngster before him already sure what the boy was looking for.


"I may perhaps be able to help you young lad. But before I can do that I need to know what it is you need help with and what your name is?" His face remained relaxed and open with no outward appearance of interest beyond that of offering help. But he took in every movement the boy made. Inside the walls were safer then the rest of the world if only slightly and that concerned him greatly. The boy should have been escorted directly to the MOT if that was his true business. Where have you come from little one?



OOC: Okay, lets get your training going. :)

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"I may perhaps be able to help you young lad. But before I can do that I need to know what it is you need help with and what your name is?"


Vasilis Daemin supressed a sigh of relief as the man answered him. He had thought that they might just send him away. He had thought that that might be the best course for him anyway, but he had a debt to pay and he would pay it if it took his life.


"Where have you come from little one?"


The question sparked irritation in him. He was not a child. He was man who had seen more than his years. But then looking at the man before him, he decided that he had a right to call him a child. He had the look of an experienced warrior. But it was still irritating.


He looked out at the training yard for the first time. Boys that were roughly of his age were training all over the yard. Learning the trade that the Warders of Tar Valon had perfected so long ago. To be part of something that was more than himself. To actually belong to something. It tugged at him. It was the most welcoming sight he had yet seen. He felt like he had come home. He had never thought that perfection could never be reached, but this came close.


He had to answer this man's question, but he did not wish to disclose his life to him. He had to choose his words carefully. "This is Tar Valon after all", he thought to himself.


"My name is Vasilis Daemin, and I'm from Saldaea. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"

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The boy seemed genuine enough with his emotions worn plain on his sleeve; including the agitation in his eyes at being labeled a child. It would be minor compared to what he may eventually go through to reach the Red cloak. “I am Corin Danveer of the White Tower Guard Vasilis, but for now you can call me Corin.†The words were delivered in a non interested voice; his attention lay in other puzzles and mysteries this morning as many. He had learned well the trade of his brethren; acquired an additional one he had not counted on when he too had arrived at the White Tower wide eyed and full of dreams of grandeur. Reality had been almost thoroughly beaten into him now; added a cynical edge that had never before been part of him.


Leaving the pleasant distraction of the yard for a moment he walked slowly around the boy sizing him up like he would a horse he had thoughts to purchase. With his training he had done that in the first quick glance that he had used to register the boys present. But he had found, through his training with others, that the pressure of outward expression weighed heavy on most when place in the center of indifferent study. Will he survive to see the Red Cloak or be like many of late who left the yard broken and in shame. Theirs was not and ease life and required a commitment level and sacrifice not all could make. They were who they were; not all would be capable that was to be understandable but what they protected left no room for second guesses. Hesitation and fear could mean the death of a sister; something the guard and the world could not afford.


He studied the back of the boys head for a moment as if trying to see his thoughts inside. When he spoke his voice was quiet and weighted with judgment, “so tell me Vasilis what makes you believe yourself worthy of protecting Aes Sedai?†It was an unfair question he knew; one that had never been posed of him. But many lives may fall into his hands for protection in the future; two over all that he vehemently refused with his life to let death even look at.

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"I am Corin Danveer of the White Tower Guard Vasilis, but for now you may call me Corin."


Vasilis Daemin was relieved that he had answered the question. For a moment, he had thought that he would not. Corin had delievered the answer in a voice that mimicked his face. Calm, collected, patient. He said them as if they meant nothing to him.


Corin began walking around him. Seeing if he measured up to his standards, Vasilis was sure. Seeing if he was up to the task that Corin himself performed. He looked at Corin and there was a flicker of emotion in his eyes that was gone so quickly that he thought it might have been his imagination. Had it been pity? If the man was feeling pity for him, maybe he shouldn't go through with this after all. But he had already asked. He might as well, he had nothing left anyway. Nothing to live for, and everything to die for. He had a debt, and he meant to pay it.


Vasilis was startled when he heard Corin's say behind him in a quiet voice, "So tell me Vasilis, what makes you believe yourself worthy of protecting Aes Sedai?"


He was dumbfounded by the question. How could he answer without telling this stranger too much? He knew he had to answer if he was going to go through with this, but he did not entirly trust this man. He had to take a risk, but he believed that it was worth it. After all, he had nothing to live for. He might as well.


"I owe a debt to Aes Sedai. I am alive because of them, and for that debt, I will die to protect them. I have nothing left to me, except that debt. And I will pay it in full."

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Corin returned to stand before the boy his hand coming up to rub his chin. "A debit," his voice remained soft and void of true emotion. " A debit is not a good basing for the giving of one's life to duty. Think deep on your decision Vasilis, the Aes Sedai need a dedicated gaurdian not a winsom filled servent." Images of his precious Sirayn perked up from the depths, yes Sirayn even you do not want a simple servent no matter how you may portray it. He let the thought pass without touching his eyes, Whatever had brought the child here, he had unfortnately no right to deney him an audience with the Mistress of Trainees. It was her right to decide who was to train and who was not. Having already crossed her path on a couple of unfortunate instances of recent he would rather prefer to not raise her ire again.


Motioning wiht his hand he headed back across the yard to the Stone buildings near the barracks, "follow me." He would deliver this pup to her and be back in the yard in a matter of moments. It might even work in his favour. His mentee Dorian may take his absence as a chance at relief; that would add to the mind game when he returned and added more to his day. The boy had become a bit of a problem and Corin ws going to see he had no further time available to him. With luck if he was kept busy from pre dawn to after dusk he might not have time for causing Corin further problems. It would also ensure no one else tried to finish the last failed attempt to remove his life from this time. The young man would die eventually, but not while he was Corin's mentee. A death would mean far to many explinations, not ot mention the large amount of paper work. Something Corin despised at the best of time. Admit it, you like the Dorian.


Arriving at the Mistress of trainee's office Corin lead Vasilis in and introduced them with the thought of being dismissed immediately after. Only great concentrated control kept his face blank as his thoughts on the situation were rewritten before his eyes in her hand. It appeared perhaps she still held al litttle annoyance toward Corin as with a smile she not only accepted the boy but in the same breath assigned him to Corin. The look on the boy's face would have been quite amuzing had he not been in such internal shock over the turn of events. But true to his training Corin remaind passive and indifferent on the outside as he made his salute to the MOT and escorted the boy out of her office with thanks for the opportunity to train the boy.


This was definately not going to fit into his original plans. Perhaps the MOT had the same plan for Corin as he head for Dorian? Well if that was the case then she would be sadly mistaken, there was no way he would not find time to work on protecting Sirayn from the shadows while he worked out a way to repair the bridge. "Come I will show you to your room. You will be in the yard 1 hour before dawn tomorrow." His foot falls on the cobbles slightly harder then normal would be the only indication to someone fairly observent that something more was going on. "I highly recommend that you are not late Vasilis, Dorian can attest to that." is voice twinged with a touch of sterness to add weight to his words. "You can move your stuff to this room. Get to know your roommates, you will be with them for a while." A smile touched his face now but it lacked any warmth or mirth, "1 hour before dawn." Turning on heel he headed back across the yard toward the running track and the object of todays torment leaving the boy behind at the door to come to terms with what he had just gotten himself into.


OOC: okay write you characters response and felings to this and then you are done with this requirement. Check the gaidin board for the WS2 requirements and let me know how I can help.

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"A debit, is not a good basing for the giving of one's life to duty. Think deep on your decision Vasilis, the Aes Sedai need a dedicated guardian not a winsom filled servant." Corin spoke the words in a voice as hard as steel. In a voice that refused to bend.


Vasilis was stunned by the answer. A debt was a good reason to do this. He was willing to give his life for Aes Sedai and he wanted to question why he was. Corin didn't trust him. Of course he didn't, he was a newcomer, and Corin didn't know anything about him. Who trusts a stranger in these times? If he was right in not trusting Corin, how could he say that Corin is wrong for not trusting him? It was all too confusing.


Corin held up his hand and motioned him to come. "Follow me." Corin strode across the yard, and Vasilis followed. He noticed that the boys were still training in the yards, but there seemed to be more of a similarity between how he viewed them, and how he viewed himself. They were here for the same reason he was. To learn to kill. To protect an Aes Sedai. Fighting for a cause that they believed in.


They arrived at the Mistress of Trainees office, and they went inside. He was introduced to the Mistress of Trainees, and she asked him a few questions along the same lines as Corin had asked him, but not nearly as intensly. After she had finished her questioning, she assigned Corin to be his mentor. Vasilis tried not to fall over. He was to be taught by a man who didn't trust him? What had he gotten himself into?


"Come I will show you to your room. You will be in the yard 1 hour before dawn tomorrow," Corin said in a voice like ice. Corin seemed angry, but he could not place his foot on why.


"I highly recommend that you are not late Vasilis, Dorian can attest to that," Corin said sternly. That voice reminded Vasilis of his father. Sadness welled up in him, but he pushed it down. He had no time to feel sadness. Dorian, must be a mentee of Corin's.


"You can move your stuff to this room. Get to know your roommates, you will be with them for a while." Roomates, well he hadn't thought about that, but he thought he should get along with them well enough. He normally did with men his age.


"One hour before dawn," Corin said again. His smile looked forced, and it did not touch his eyes. His eyes remained the same. Unrelenting. Vasilis was a little afraid of his mentor. What had he gotten himself into?

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