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Approved Warders Bio for Vasilis Daemin [Band Stamp]


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Vasilis Daemin

Age: 16

Origin: Saldaea

Hair: Shoulder length black hair

Eyes: Tilted dark green eyes

Height: 5’11â€

Weight: 155 pounds


I was born in Saldaea to a fur trapper named Ackley Daemin, and his wife,

whose name is Neva Daemin. I was an only child. When I was growing up,

Ackley taught (or tried to teach) me everything he knew, but I was no more

than a decent fur trapper. He also taught me how to defend myself if I was

attacked, because he always won at the festival competitions. I could only

beat him sometimes. When he and my mother died of sickness, I tried to get

into my fathers trade, but I was barely successful enough to stay alive. I

needed more, so I took everything I thought that I would need, and packed up

on the road to adventure. On the road to Caemlyn I was attacked by bandits.

They took everything I had, and left me on the road for dead. A merchant

bound for Tar Valon was going by and he saw me lying by the road. He took

me in and brought me to Tar Valon so that the Aes Sedai could Heal me. They

did Heal me and I decided that I was honor bound to serve them as best I


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