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A Limp In the Right Direction (~Andular~)


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OOC: Hope this is good enough for a start, I don't really have a description of your character, but I've been searching the boards for one. Anyway, no need to PM me when you reply to the thread, I'm going to set DM to track it for me. Thanks for taking me on! :D


Feeling the slow sting from the only days-old cut on his leg, Vay walked through the gates of Tar Valon. The Tower itself, looming over the rest of the island city, seemed to promise him safe haven and a place to become something as grand and known as the Tower itself. Tar Valon was bustling with people about their day, and the occasional bump of a passerby against his leg shot agony to his face. A good handful of people must have thought he was angry with them by the scowls they saw on his face.


Vay headed towards the Tower, the pain in his leg only growing. Soon he reached what he assumed was the Warders' Yard. Having never actually visited Tar Valon before, the sight of many men practicing with lathes, progressing through forms, and some doing various exercise implied to Vay that he had found the right place. He hoped that they would still accept him into their ranks, with his injury. That would take months to truly heal, yet he had heard that some Aes Sedai could heal even the gravest of wounds in seconds.


Coming out of his daydream of battles and grandeur that his thinking of Aes Sedai had led him into, Vay noticed something he hadn't previously. As he had been standing and watching the men practicing on the Yards, one of them had begun to make his way over to him. Vay's timidness kicked in, and he thought of sprinting back into the city. Surpressing a laugh at the idea of him sprinting in his current state, Vay started to limp his way towards the man. Maybe it was the distance, or the blood loss, or perhaps just coincidence, but...did the man look from the Borderlands himself? Shaking off the notion, Vay continued his limp towards the Warder.

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The mid afternoon sun beat down on the hard packed dirt that was the Warders training yards. The sound of wood practice swords clashing and the grunts of men and women filled the air. Andular took the view in with satisfaction as he watched the Warders to be and Tower Guards work to hone themselves into instruments of battle.


Any time away from his office and the paperwork that plagued him these days was a welcome reprieve. Leaning against a tall oak he watched the action occasionally offering a piece of advice when he felt it was needed. Through the bond he felt Tiassale Sedai off to the distant south. The Aes Sedai had left the tower earlier in the day with a handful of brown sisters to rifle through a stack of parchment and books that a local bookseller had recently acquired. She would be gone most of the day and while he did not like her leaving the tower without him Andular knew she would be fine in the company of the other Aes Sedai.


Out of the corner of his eye the Grand Master noticed a young man enter the yards limping heavily and looking around in curiosity. A new recruit and an injured one at that he thought to himself as he straightened and made his way over.


The young man was obviously a borderlander and from his hair most certainly from Arafel. As he approached the young man took notice of Andular and limped toward him and stopped running his fingers through his hair in a nervous gesture.


“Well met lad is there something I can help you with?†Glancing around the yard the young man paused before answering. Tapping his foot Andular waited for an answer. “My name is Andular a Warder of the White Tower what can I do for you.â€


OOC: alrighty lets hear his sales pitch to get into the warders training program

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“Well met lad is there something I can help you with?â€


The man was simply intimidating. A full-blown Warder, and a fellow Borderlander to boot, the likes of which Vay had never seen before in his life. Oh, sure he had read about them, the bravery and valor in service to an Aes Sedai and the Tower, but to actually meet one...Vay's mind seemed lost in the imaginations of battle that were this man's reality.


The man tapping his foot had obviously picked up on Vay's absense of thought. “My name is Andular a Warder of the White Tower what can I do for you.â€


Embarassed by having slipped off into thought, Vay shifted nervously on his feet, sending a jolting pain through his leg. He winced, noticably, but the pain emboldened him to speak.


"My honor to meet you, Andular Gaidin." He used the title he had read of in the the Shol Arbelan libraries. Perhaps it was too formal, but it was his only real discourse as to how to address one such as this man. "I have a debt to pay to the Tower, and to my father. You see, my sister had the spark, as they say, and I was charged to protect her. I claim to be no blademaster, however, and I tried so hard..." Vay looked down to the ground, almost overcome internally by his utter failure. Clenching a fist, he tried to let go. After all, they were experienced bandits, how would he have stopped them? His logic failed him though, and an aching began in his heart. With difficulty, he pressed on.


"My sister..I couldn't save her. But I can help the Aes Sedai, I can help other women who can channel. There was a part of me that died watching my sister murdered due to my shortcomings, and I feel like maybe..if I can somehow..I don't know, sir. I really don't, but I feel like this is where I belong now. My family won't take me back, not after this. And I had heard, read rather, that once you become a part of the Tower, it becomes your family. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the books I've read are imcomplete or outdated. I also realize that I'm hardly the candidate for this kind of life.." he added, gesturing to his leg. "But this is what I want, if you'll have me."


He made the most formal bow he could, and his leg burned. Standing as tall as he could, he looked the man in the eye and anxiously awaited his answer.

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Andular listened to the young man’s story and the obvious range of emotions that came through in the telling. How many men and women had suffered hardship only to be reborn in the name of the White Tower? He himself had been directionless when he arrived a green trainee with no idea the challenges he would have to overcome.


Ending his story with a request to be allowed to train as a Warder and serve the White Tower the man waited for a response.


“Well lad I am sorry to hear about your sister and the troubles that have followed you on your journey. Might I ask for your name?â€


Running his hands through his hair the young man answered. “Vay Rochirdin sir.â€


“Very well Vay, so you wish to train to serve the Warders and join a elite group whose life it is to see the White Tower to the last battle?†Vay nodded. “Very well Vay we shall see if you have the dedication and heart to try but I must warn you it will be hard and you will have to learn to let go of your past.†Scrutinizing Vay for a moment Andlar thought to himself that the young man looked to have the drive and desire to succeed.


“Well you can hardly learn the skills you need with those injuries follow me.â€


Leading Vay through the yard of men and women practicing in combat Andular took his young charge past the armory and into the small stone structure that served as the infirmary. Several beds lined the walls all empty at the moment and a lone woman sat in a chair by a window reading a book. Upon entering the woman raised her head and smiled her ageless face marking her as Aes Sedai.


Amerilia Sedai of the Yellow Ajah was a pretty woman with delicate features and she rose as they approached. “Andular Gaidin good to see you what may I do for you?


“Amerilia Sedai may I introduce Vay Rochirdin to you.†Vay bowed deeply upon the introduction. “Vay has come to us to train as a Warder but I fear he is hurt and I would like to know if you can please attend to him.â€


Amerilia studied Vay for a moment and then led him over to a bed where she had him sit.


OOC: you can rp being healed and having Andular take you to the barracks or what not

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Amerilia Sedai looked down at Vay as he sat on the cot. He had read about Healing, what had he notread about really? As she placed her hands on the side of his head, he tried to brace himself for whatever was to come, although in truth he had no idea what to brace himself for. Seconds passed, and then it hit him, like a river of ice flowing through him, laced with lightning. The gash in his leg felt much better and much worse at the same time. He threw his head back unconsciously, hoping it would be over soon. Then, as quickly as it had started, the river stopped. He didn't know when he had fallen backwards onto the cot, but her hands must have followed him. Vay lay gasping for a few more seconds, and the world began to come back to him.


"You can stand up, now. Your leg is fully Healed." he heard Andular say at the edge of his hearing. Standing, Vay was astonished at his leg. It was like nothing had ever happened to it. He thanked the Yellow profusely, yet she only smiled as though this had happened hundreds of times before.Well, he though, it probably had.


Leaving the room, Andular took Vay over to the barracks. Crossing the Yards, Vay saw men and women training, running through forms with one another. Entering the barracks, Vay felt a little bit more complete inside, for the first time in almost a month, he was home.

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As they entered the barracks Andular noted the Vay appeared on the edge of exhaustion. Healing would do that so he felt it best if the young man got settled and received a good night sleep. After getting his charge situation he led him to the mess hall where the two sat down to a meal. As expected Vay ate enough for 4 men by the time they had finished. As they walked back to the barracks Andular could feel Tiassale’s impatience through the bond. The Aes Sedai had returned and was wondering why her Gaidin had not attended to her. “You have everything you need Vay, I suggest you sleep you have had a long journey and will need your strength in the days to come.â€


Giving Vay instructions to meet him at first light in front of the Armory Andular left to find Tia and see how her trip had been.


The following morning brought leaden skies filled with grey clouds and the promise of rain in the near future. Andular leaned against the cold stone walls of the Armory arms crossed as he waited. He did not have to wait long as Vay soon appeared looking much better than he had the night before. The limp was gone and the young man had a smile on his face as he approached.


“Well met Vay. Today we will choose a weapon for you if you have not brought one you would prefer to use. Also we will choose a discipline that best suits you and path to begin following as well. Keep in mind that in time if you achieve the rank of master you will learn to follow all the disciplines but for now we need to focus on one.â€


OOC: I believe in your bio you have a sword could not quite remember. RP Vay and Andular going somewhere quiet, the ogier grove always works, and have Andular explain the paths and disciplines to you. They can be found here



Also begin thinking on how you want to advance your weapons score. There are some basic rp’s we have to do that you can find here. Keep in mind Vay is already a WS of 2 so we need to do the 2-3 ones.


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