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Approved Warders Bio For Azeron Dragan-Please CC


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Name: Azeron Dragan

Age: 18

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185lbs

Place of Origin: Cairhien

Brief History: Azeron was born in Cairhien. His farther Alan ran an inn. His mother died giving birth to Azeron. As a young boy he would spend most of his him out in the stables with the other stable hands. When Azeron was about 12 the men it the stable started to tech him how to use a quarterstaff. It took him some time to catch on because he did not see the need to use a quarterstaff Azeron told them "why use a staff when a sword would work better if you have to fight". He did not want to fight because the only reason to fight should be to save your life or to save the life of another. But a very old man told him once that the best blade master once was beat by a man with staff. That made Azeron start to think if he was the best how was he beat, but he agreed to lean. After two years he was able to hold his own with a staff. On his 16th name day he told his farther he want to go to Tar Valon to become a warder, his farther said no. Azeron asked his farther many time to let him go but he got the same answer every time. Around his 18th name day Azeron told his farther that he would be going to Tar Valon to become a warder, his dad said he would let him go if he could tell him one good reason why Azeron wanted to good so badly. Azeron to him when Azeron was a young boy he was told all about warders by a man staying at his farther’s inn. Azeron learned that a warder’s way of life was a lot like what he had decided as a good set of morals for him self. He made a promise to himself that day that when he was older he would go to Tar Valon and became a warder so he could help stop all the evil that has come into the world. His farther finally said he could go as long as he held to his believes, because his farther also knew he would go any way but though it would be better if Azeron left with his blessing. With in the week Azeron set out for Tar Valon with his quarterstaff and an old horse that is dad had gave him for his birth day. His farther watched his only son leave and knew that he had made the right choice to let him go for the little boy he loved would come back to him one day as a man.

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