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Approved WT Bio-CC'd by that OTHER Tower


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Basic Information

Handle : Elliara

Character Count : 0

Contact : elliara@live.com


Character Information

Name: Iraleia Surevin (Temarelin)

Age: 17

Nationality: Andoran



Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Height: 5ft4

Voice: Quiet and softly spoken. People often find it hard to hear her and talk to her.

Other: Iraleia has a round face with a kewpie doll mouth. Her sad blue eyes are set close together over a pixie nose and her light brown hair falls in curls to her shoulders. She has slender fingers with short, chewed nails. She is approximately 190 pounds (or 86.4kg).



Special Skills:

Knowledge Weakness:

Physical Weakness:

Personality weakness: Iraleia’s main personality weakness is her lack of self-confidence which tends to prevent her from trying new things. She is doesn’t like change and reacts by retreating further into herself.


Personality As stated above Iraleia is a softly spoken girl with self-esteem issues. She is slow to smile and laugh and finds it hard to socialize with others; this often makes her appear cold and distant when in fact she yearns to make friends, but just can’t bring herself to do so. For a long time she had been told that she couldn’t do anything. As much as she did not want to be in the tower and had a shaky start, she ends up realising that it is her only way to make something of herself and becomes studious. It is also at this time that she slowly begins to build confidence and self-esteem.






The acrid smell of smoke permeated the otherwise cool, crisp air and the flames in front of Iraleia seemed to be reaching out to try and touch her and pull her in. She thought she could hear the cruel laughter of the men as they tore at her mother’s clothes and held blades dulled with blood at the throats of her elder brothers while their father watched on at the evil that was befalling his family that night. The sound of her mother screaming, the breaking of glass, the crackling of flames and that evil laughter melded in her mind, deafening her with a roar…




Iraleia sat bolt upright and looked around herself trying to get her bearings. Sweat beaded on her brow and dripped from her neck into a pool between her breasts. Her heart was pounding so fast and so loud she was sure the girls in the room would hear her and wake from their slumber. Taking a deep breath she lay her head back on her too soft pillow and closed her eyes, afraid to sleep. The events of her dream still ran through her mind. She thought she could still smell the smoke and hear the screams and laughter. She knew these were not her memories; she was far too young when her family was brutally murdered to have any memories of the event. She wouldn’t know what happened to them at all if it weren’t for her nurse, Jolara, who saved her from the burning building and escaped with her to Caemlyn, there raising her as her own. But even that was short lived. Jolara, already an old woman, died leaving the 5 year old Iraleia to the care of an orphanage. For a long ten years she was taunted and subjected to physical and emotional abuse which left her scarred and void of emotion and hope. Her friends were non-existent and she became an outsider, retreating further inside herself. Unloved and unwanted, she wished for death to take her away from the life she was only just surviving, because surely she was not living.




When finally her chance for a better life did come, it came from an unlikely source. An Aes Sedai and her warder had come incognito to Caemlyn on a recruiting mission to find girls with the ability to learn to channel. It had come as a surprise to Iraleia that she could be anything more than an orphan with no prospects and although the idea of leaving the orphanage was tempting she was afraid of change and felt that even death was better than facing an unknown life outside of her “comfort zone”.




It is here that Iraleia’s story and life truly begin…



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