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Did the Dark One know the bore would be sealed?


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Did the Dark One know, and call the 13 most powerful Forsaken in, so that they would be sealed with him, so that he could try again in a few thousand years?


It seems that the DO treats time as a disposable commodity.  If his ultimate goal is to turn the Dragon willingly to his side, then, knowing that Lews Therin wasn't going to turn, it would make sense to go ahead and hit the ol' reset button and try again later.  Having some powerful helpers would definitely make things easier, so you might as well bring them along.


If the DO is the ultimate control freak, then it seems that before remaking the world in his image (if that's even really his goal), he would want to have mankind's best, the Dragon, as his #1 follower.  The turnings of the wheel, and the Dragon being born and Reborn again and again, are an endless sequence of the DO waiting for the perfect series of events, for the one-in-a-million shot where everything goes right (for him).  If time doesn't matter and you get unlimited replays, why settle for anything less than the perfect game?


If we go back to the Christ allegories, then if the Dragon is the creator's champion, for the DO to win, he has to turn the champion against the creator, like when Satan tried to tempt Christ.  Anything less is a loss, even if Trolloc hordes are rampaging across the world, because ultimate victory was denied and the whole thing will just play out again.





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Im guna say no on this one.


I think the Forsaken will have found out what Lews Therin planned (just like they did with Rand at the Cleansing) and will have gone to try and stop it. And that the Dark Ones reset button (the Taint) I think was an opportunity he took, not a situation he depended on. I dont think one side of the Source is tainted with every turning; I think that is what makes this round of the war so epic, the fact that the Shadow landed such a significant blow to the Light being a major success not usually seen. They made the Light hamper themselves for 3000 years by outlawing male channelers. This I see as probably the biggest blow the Light ever took.


Maybe they were supposed to be there, drawn by the will of the Pattern, but I dont think so. Id say the Forsaken were bound as a matter of true coincedence, not a conscious effort of the Dark One or a Ta'veren twist.

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