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Approved FL Bio. CC'd by BT


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The following Freelander bio has been approved by me, can some one CC it please?






Character: Raurie Ashkar

Division: Freelanders

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical description

-Height:  5'9"

-Weight: 155 lbs.

-Hair: mid brown with red tones in evening light

Eyes: light blue

-other features: Raurie has calloused fingers on his left hand from playing the harp since he was a boy


 Raurie Ashkar strummed his harp as he sat on an upturned keg, smiling slightly as the people of Tar Valon swarmed past him, each as hurried as the next.  He fully smiled as a woman nodded to his playing while she walked by.  Her agelessness and motherly appearance marked her for what she obviously was.  Raurie liked the Aes Sedai, for the most part.  The Greens were his favorite, they and their Warders usually had a coin to spare for his talents, and greens were usually pretty.  It was the Reds that made him uncomfortable.  The way they looked at him made him shift his feet without thinking, or completely miss a string when he played.


 Raurie enjoyed his life in Tar Valon.  He, his mother, and his sister, had arrived in the city almost ten years ago.  His father had disappeared when he was six, after strange occurrences around the farm that Raurie could vaguely remember.  Just one year after arriving in the city, his mother had died of sickness.  Raurie had begged with her to accept the Aes Sedai's Healing, to keep fighting for life.  She adamantly refused help from the women.  Raurie did not know why she had always looked at them we hatred.  He would probably never know.


 With his mother and father gone, Raurie was left to care for Nila, his younger sister by four years.  It was easy enough, with Raurie's skill at the lyka, to find an inn that would regularly pay him, though in form of room and food.  Any solid coin he needed had to be earned by playing on the street, as he was now.  Nila earned her own little pay as a seamstress' apprentice, working often long days to earn her own savings.


 Folding up the cloth that collected coins, Raurie set that in his coat pocket and slung his harp across his back.  He worked his way slowly through the bustle, often wondering how he would have enjoyed the space his country home had offered so long ago.  He walked contentedly into the Wall's End inn, the pleasant smell of cooking meat, good drink, and pipe smoke washing over him in familiar comfort.  Hagh, rotund innkeeper, waved a hand at him in welcome, smiling through his generous mustache.  He met Raurie at the foot of the stairs, a bundle under one arm.  Now that his smile dropped, Raurie could say he looked very sober.


 "Lad, your sister just left here not a quarter hour ago.  She said she was looking for you," he said, concern slowly etching it's way across his face.  "She said that if you got back before she found you, then I should go ahead and give you this."  He held up the bundle.  Taking it in his hands, Raurie felt a box beneath the light brown cloth.  "Thank you," he said, before sitting down in the corner to investigate the contents of the box.

 Tied to the top of the box by a string was a note written in dark green ink on thick white parchment.  "Raurie," it said.  "I will not be returning.  Do not seek me.  Forget my name, for I will forget you."  It was signed by Nila Ashkar.  In a daze, separate from his body, Raurie opened the dark polished box.  Inside was a knife, hands long.  It's single edge was perfectly carved, it's sides joining in a perfect line down the body.  The handle itself was made of one tightly wrapped leather string.  It was a craftsman's masterpiece.  Where had it come from?

 She was leaving.  She had already left.  She would forget him.  Raurie knew she would, and he would never see her again.  Nila always kept her word.  Why had she gone?  He would never know.  Many things he would never know.  Raurie realized the choice he faced quickly.  With no one but himself to look after, what would he do now?  He did not know yet.  He would find out soon enough.

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