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Amazing Race 15 - CBS - Sunday


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CBS Sept. 27




The line-up:


* Gay Christian brothers Dan McMillen (21) & Sam McMillen (23).


* Dating blonde athletic executives Meghan Rickey (23) & Cheyne Whitney (23), Southern California.


* Songwriter Canaan Smith (26) & aspiring-singer girlfriend Mika Combs (22), Nashville.


* Hot poker pros Maria Ho (26) & Tiffany Michelle (25), Southern California.


* 2004 Miss America Ericka Dunlap (27) & marketing tour manager husband Brian Kleinschmidt (27), Nashville.


* Engineer Garrett Paul (28) & sometime editor girlfriend Jessica Stout (27), Northern California.


* Son of “Revenge of the Nerds” director Jeff Kanew (and, since 2006, National Lampoon exec) Justin Kanew (30) and unemployed Asperger’s sufferer buddy Zev Glassenberg (26), Southern California.


* Harlem Globetrotters Herbert Lang (32) & Nathaniel Lofton (28), New York.


* Lawyer Lance Layne (41) & finance-manager fiancée Keri Morrione (33), Massachusetts.


* Married yoga studio owners Eric Paskel (41) & Lisa Paskel (43), Southern California.


* Construction manager Gary Tomljenovich (47) & mortgage broker son Matt Tomljenovich (22), Montana.


* Dating oldsters Marcy Malloy (60) & Ronald Shalita (59), Northern California.


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