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Nakor Zorrander Dedi-Ashie


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Name: Nakor Zorrander


Learning RP:

  Saidin Related:

      Soldier Training: Basic Offense/Defense - Number of Posts: 5, though admittedly the last post is rather short.

      Dedicated: Advanced Element Manipulation - Number of Posts: only 3 that are long enough to count.

      Dedicated Training: Advanced Offence/Defence - Number of Posts: 2, though if you read this one you'll see that the students kept up but the teachers stopped teaching.

  Other Learning:

      JUMP TO!! {ATTN: Aslan} - Number of Posts: 3  :(

      Nakor's Trial - Number of Posts: 4, though one is extremely long.


Ok, so I know some of things don't meet the requirements but I was hoping that maybe that would be offset by the fact that there are more threads than required?  If not then I'll just start over but I was kinda hoping some of these could count.


Using Saidin: Number of Posts, LINK


Inter-Divisional RP: Number of Posts, LINK


Asha'man Duel: Number of Posts, LINK

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